Thursday, November 30, 2006


I fully intended for this blog to be all about the work or lack of situation. I was going to explain to you guys why my blogs have been so short, lacking content and even more boring than usual. I was going to tell you how my life has been consumed by stress, anger and hate. I was going to share that I finally know what it's like to detest getting up in the mornings. I can't.

A rainy drive home helped me decide that last night. It was the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time. I felt so close to God at that moment that it made me ashamed of how ungrateful and pouty I have been over the past few weeks. So what if I hate my job? So what if my boss makes me want to rip my hair out and jump of a building? So what? I'm healthy, I have a roof over my head, a family that adores me and friends who support me in my madness.

This drive took place on the road that my Brother has his accident on, I am petrified by that road. I hate to drive on it, but I do, because it's very central to were I live. When this road is wet it is deadly, causing many accidents, my brother's included. So at midnight last night in the pouring rain I turned off the music, turned on my high beams and drove 30 miles per hour. When I looked up the high beams light up the sky. I could see the wind melodically hugging the rain as it poured over me. The sky opened up like a giant faucet and I was cleansed.

In that moment all my worries, stress, and sadness was washed away . Tears started rolling down my face while I smiled and I thanked God for the very place I am at in my life right now. It's not what I saw coming but it's what was meant to happen. I have peace that I will get to my destiny even if it means taking a different path towards it.

It's so fitting that this is my last Nablopomo entry, because it amazes me how much can change in a month. Im free of the burden that was my job, I'm free from alcohol, free from feeling lonely, sad and depressed, but most of all I am free from this blog.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A small update

I'm feeling much better today, and without the help of alcohol, still goign strong woohoo!

I can't tell you exactly what the situation is yet because the final details haven't been worked out yet, but they should be tomorrow.

It has to do with my job and the fact that I am no longer there. It really was a very stressfull shitty situation and I am ready to move on to bigger and better things. I need to finish school and this was the kick in the ass I needed to finally get it done and over with.

I will give you all the details tomorrow and I'm going to be talking lots of shit about a certain someone, their ears are going to be ringing for years. HA! Take that bitch. Really though, it isn't shit if it's true.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I can't keep promises

I know I said that I was going to tell you all about why yesterday was such a bad day, and I would but I can't. There are things going on right now that I need to keep my mouth shut about until they are resolved.

I hope to have everything resolved tomorrow. I'm scared because I don't know how strong I can be but I know that I have to stand up for myself. I need to stop caring about others when they just don't care about me.

Too many times I watch out for the well being of others and forget my own. I can't continue to do that anymore. If they want me to care about them then I need for them to show me they care about me. I'm not going to take it anymore, things have got to change.

Monday, November 27, 2006


I have had a horrible day today. I will fill you guys in tomorrow, right now I just want to go to bed and sleep in.

I PROMISE I will let you guys in on everything tomorrow.

In the meanwhile just say a little prayer for me, send hugs, and kisses I need them.

I will also accept massages need one of those, REALLY BAD.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

All good things must come to an end

Back to work tomorrow. It makes me want to throw myself on the floor, throw my arms and legs about while crying and screaming.

Actually, I kind of already did that a second ago. Yeah I'm totally really sophisticated.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I give up

I have NOTHING to write about. I've been waiting for something to pop up for days but I don't want to write about Midland anymore and I don't have anything going on.

I've been at home the past three days, watching tv, movies, doing nothing.

I'm pretty sure this is the worst I've ever sucked.

Friday, November 24, 2006


What is that?

You weren't expecting that here were you?

How am I supposed to function after the horrible display The Horns put on? Way to end a fucking awful season. Giving Aggies bragging rights for a whole fucking year? Absolutely fucking wonderful.

Just as wonderful as missing Blue October tonight, ugghh. Excuse me I need to go get fatter.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Too. Much. Turkey.

Brain Dead.

I'm going to go stuff myself again.

Sugar coma here I come.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My family is scandalous

I'm not the blackest sheep in the family.

Yesterday I found out one of my family members was arrested, I'm not surprised. As awful as what he might have done may be, Im not surprised at all. It's gross.

Another one of my family members (different side) just confessed to having a child out of his marriage, the little girl is four years old.

The best part is that we've been laughing about it all day. If you can't find comic relief in how crazy your family is then you might spend every day on this earth cursing the heavens.

So appreciate your family, even if they're fucked up. Really fucked up.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Almost quitting time

Im busy Internet, SUPER BUSY.

Stay with me, give me a break, I know I've sucked the past few days. More than usual, but it's almost all over for a good while.

Im doing the impossible at work right now, that's very stressful you know?

Just take my word for it.

Monday, November 20, 2006

No going back

I booked my plane ticket to Midland for 12/28, I will be there until the 2nd. Im super excited. I can't wait to be with Midland again, I told myself I wasn't going to dive in head first but I can't help it.

Sometimes you just know.

I know where and with whom I'm supposed to be with.

There is no going back in my heart, I'm all in.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I suck

Phew! Almost missed midnight, but that's ok.

I would write something meaningful except for I haven't been home since 9:30 a.m. and I just got done cooking for 20 people, I smell like fajitas and I need a shower.

Worst one so far?

Yeah I think so.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Just so you know Internet

The post with the pictures, totally counts as my post for today.

So I give you this one just to once again cover my ass.

In other news it's official I am spending New Year's with Midland. I was up 'til 5 a.m. talking to him last night and we ended on a really really good note. For some reason I always wake up happier when that happens.

Happy Saturday all!

You might be pathetic if...

You spend Friday evening taking pictures of yourself to share with the internet, haha.

Friday, November 17, 2006

What I came up with because I have nothing to write about

My Ipod is on Shuffle will listen to five songs and tell you the first thought that pops into my head when I hear them:

#1)Tiziano Ferro- Perdona

1st thought: Davide- The Italian

Tiziano Ferro is a famous Italian artist, he also sings in Spanish. He is one of my favorites, Italian boy liked him too, he sang this song to me in Italian once.

#2) Daddy Yankee- Lo Que Paso, Paso Bachata/Salsa Remix

1st thought: Winter 2005

Endless partying with my cousin last winter, that was our favorite CD and we would play it while getting ready to go out and in the car. This was my favorite song out of the CD.

#3) The Police- Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

1st thought: My ex, Jon.

This was our song. He picked it, cheesy, cheesy, cheesy but cute.

#4) Juanes- Para Tu Amor

1st thought: I want a boyfriend.

This is the sweetest song ever, I want to meet a guy that feels exactly what the song says for me.

#5)R. Kelly- Ignition Remix

1st thought: Perfect!

It's 4:51 and I'm leaving work.

It's the freakin weekend Baby I'm about to have me some fun.

Im actually being social tonight. Woohoo.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dear Idiot Who Rejected Me,

First let me start off by telling you that you're not as clever as you think. I might be the last one caught up on what you do to girls, but I'm clued in now. So give it up.

Last night when you answered the door at your house, I'm sure you thought I was there to see you. Yes, you're hot, but not hot enough for me to be all psycho over you. I didn't even want to go knock on the door until I talked to Carlos but I assumed Carlos was going to answer the door since his car was there and he was waiting for me. It's not my fault Carlos was out in a different car, but that's besides the point.

Although, I must thank you for revealing the true reason for your rejection, your gay. Good thing my lack of a penis is what kept you from going out to dinner with me. Don't try and deny it, if you were straight you wouldn't have pointed out that, "You're a man therefore you're watching sports."

Next time you want to convince me your not gay don't do it by calling my Mom a M.I.L.F. I mean I know she's hot and all, but knowing that you have had dirty thoughts about my Mother is just plain wrong.

You probably thought I was flirting with you when I was being rude to you. *Newsflash* We're not in kindergarten. When I say I hate you, I really hate you. Also when I said you suck and you're a tool, yeah, NOT KIDDING. Cause, Dude you REALLY suck. Apparently literally cause you're gay.

When I punched you, of course it hurt.I've been wanting to punch you for a long time, so when you started flirting with me by chasing me around and hitting me with the curtain rod, I punched you and damn hard. It felt good and given the chance Id do it again, HARDER. While we're at it, yes you were flirting, BIG TIME.

when you cut out a tiny paper heart with your pocket knife and gave it to the girl sitting next to me, it didn't make me jealous. Especially because I know that girl is awesome and can see right through you. That is why I laughed so hard when she ripped it up and gave it right back to you. She's bad ass, really she is. Too bad you were just acting hurt when that happened, I wish it would have hurt you for real.

I will admit that you're an awesome guitar player and probably the only reason I still find you attractive, me and every other girl for that matter. Especially when you bust out with my favorite John Mayer song. I know you know it's my favorite. Fucker. I do thank you for playing for us while we sang and thanks again that you're playing for us on Sunday. How does it feel to be used?

Having that awesome girl show me the exchange you've had with her on my space, was priceless. That's right! I read it ALL. You're so stupid. Amazing with words, yes. Good thing you didn't say those things you said to her to me because I'm stupid enough to were I would have believed you. The funny thing is that she doesn't even know I asked you out and that you rejected me. She just wanted to share with another girl how you play mind games with girls and how she beats you when you try to play them with her. Too bad I wasn't smart enough to do that.

So maybe I found out a little too late. So maybe I seem stupid to you. So maybe I provided you with a little entertainment. OK, you win and I lose. Too bad for you it wasn't a knock out, that was round one. I'm winning round 2 and I'm gonna knock you the fuck out. Because us Honduran bitches we kick, ESPECIALLY when you're down.



Anyone like the sound of a dying cow?

If you answered yes, then I invite you to come hear me lead Spanish worship at an event for the low income families in Lakeway. Yes, there are really poor people in Lakeway. Five trailer parks full actually. They are mostly Hispanic.

I mentioned a while back that my parents got ordained as Pastors, well they oversee the Hispanic Ministry at our church. There are only a handful of Spanish speaking members at our Church, mostly consisting of my immediate family. Our praise and worship team only sings in English.

We need worship in Spanish for this event, so my Mom volunteered me, my cousin and one of her Spanish speaking lady friends. Only to have my cousin back out last minute. The other lady sounds like an entire herd or dying cows. So this leaves just me. So I had to do what I didn't want to, I recruited my friend Carlos. Carlos is an amazing singer and Spanish speaker. However, there is a very particular reason why I didn't want him to be involved. Carlos lives with the boy who rejected me, Carlos is not one of the roommates that likes me, but I don't want to around the boy who rejected me anymore. I dread seeing him actually.

So of course we held practice at Carlos' house even though I suggested otherwise. I I didn't have a reason to object though, because I can't tell Carlos that I asked out his roommate, how embarrassing. I was hoping the boy who rejected me would just leave, but he didn't. He hung around (I will write about this in detail later) and when we said we were going to practice he volunteered to play guitar for us. I had a feeling he just wanted to point and laugh at me because rejecting me wasn't enough.

He was surprisingly nice. Turns out I'm not bad, and I'm actually singing lead in a couple of the songs. Or at least that's what they told me. I'm scared shit less. So if you'd like to come out to hear me sing or help out for a good cause, let me know. However, please read the following disclaimer:

Listen at your own risk. I will not be held responsible for any hearing damage or loss that may occur.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The biggest idiot alive

= ME!

I just noticed that I didn't have my cell phone on me. I start looking everywhere for it, and I can't find it! Im freaking out because it's my work cell phone, and I've already had one stolen previously.

My heart is racing, I feel sick to my stomach and I decide to call it and THEN:

There vibrates the little sucker, on my desk, RIGHT IN FRONT ME!

Yeah, Im losing it.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My first mean anonymous comment



I know it's kind of sick to be excited about that, but that's me, SICK!

The comment was left on Friday but I didn't see it until last night and I was SOOOO excited!

Anonymous said...
Your an idiot. One yager bomb wouldn't make you pass out. Your obviously a slut and slept with some dude. Dont blame it on a delicious yager bomb.

8:58 PM

I've always found mean comments amusing when reading the popular blogs (the ones that actually have a big reading audience). I've always secretly wished to have someone hate what I've written or shared so much that they come to dislike me. I want to be judged by the Internet damn it! I want to feel special.

I think my problem has been though that I openly admit to doing stupid stuff, to being a drunk and a slut among other things. Which is obviously something the anonymous blogger wasn't aware of. You called me a slut? Yeah, I'm way ahead of you buddy. I pretty much do it in every post.

Do I really think I'm a slut outside of the Internet? No. Have I done slutty stuff before? Well, Yeah. Yes, I've had a one night stand, when I as 18, very drunk, and very stupid. I have never done it again, I learned my lesson and I would never do it again. Up until the night of that particular blog I had never kissed a random guy before and if you read the whole blog you can see that I clearly didn't sleep with him.

I made the guy sleep on the floor, while I took up his bed. Anonymous, Im also a bitch! You forgot that one. I was way more interested in comfortable sleeping than having sex with him. Do I think I was slutty that night? ABSOLUTELY. It's pretty slutty to kiss a random guy and then go home with him, even if you did nothing else but kiss.

Do I blame it on the Jager Bomb? Hell yeah I do! Do you know that Jager Bombs have Red Bull in them? Red Bull, it fucks me up. I can't drink Red Bull with out Jager. It hits me hard, makes my heart race, I feel like I'm having a heart attack. Mix Red Bull with Jager and you get a very fucked up Emma. I black out every time I drink Red Bull with any type of alcohol. Which is why I always refuse Red Bull and everything, ask Santi. I made him take two free Jager Bombs in a row once because I can't handle them, and once again ask Santi, I can drink. A lot. Like a man a lot.

The real question though is if I regret kissing that random boy and taking the Jager Bomb that night? Hell no I don't! That night was an absolute blast, well what I can actually remember of it.

So thank you Anonymous for making my day and in my eyes validating my blog. Really, you made me feel special. I just have two questions to ask you. Do you not have taste buds? Because Jager Bombs, YUCK. Sure they are delicious is you like to lick a rusted steel pole laced with cinnamon. My second question is, are you also not good at contractions? Let me help you not look like an idiot, because the only idiot around here is me.

You really should have written:

You're (you are) an idiot!

And my response simply would have been:

Dear Anonymous,
Yes! Yes, I am. Although Jager Bombs are disgusting and you should read more carefully cause I said I didn't sleep with the guy I randomly kissed. Oh and anonymous thanks for making my day! Feel free to point out the obvious any time you'd like.

Although being that it's NaBloPoMo time, I desperately needed material. So thanks once again, cause you saved my ass.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Let's keep this between you and me

I have a confession to make. I actually don't miss drinking that much. There has been a lot of good to come out of it. GASP!

I know I bitch about it a lot. Like all the time on here. However, Internet it's really not that bad. Hangovers are thankfully a thing of the past and well not throwing up, that's also a plus too. Although you know I could afford to lose a few pounds, KIDDING!

All those boys whose phone numbers are in my cell phone, well I think their life is now better too. I'm pretty sure that they don't miss my late drunk dials and text messages, especially on weeknights. That's right I'm making the world a better place with one less drunk dial at a time.

I've saved money. Lots of money, money that buys me designer jeans and makeup and shoes and belts and Starbucks, OH MY! My ass looking like a million bucks feels way better than any buzz that a Long Island ever gave me. (OK, yeah that's lie) It's close though, really really close.

You know what is better than being drunk though? Now my daily routine of saying good-bye to my Mother before I leave the house is sweeter than it's ever been. When I give her a kiss and hug good-bye every morning now, I see pride in her eyes. My Mother is proud of me. I know that we're not supposed to get fulfillment from someone Else's approval of us, but knowing my Mom is proud of me without her having to say it. Well, it fills my heart up so much it could burst. She's my new best friend, the person I spend the most time with. I enjoy it, I love it. We have conversations not fights, arguments or lectures.

My partying has been hard on my Mother, she worried about me a lot. I have taken away years of her life. I know it. I could see it. I didn't care, getting stupid drunk was much more important. How selfishly disgusting of me, because taking life away from the being who gave me life wasn't enough. It's wrong in so many ways, and I didn't care. The night my Brother was in his car accident my Mom was awakened suddenly and she felt she needed to pray for me. The exact night, she had a feeling I would be the one to have something bad happen to me because of my drinking. She got up and she prayed, for me. I believe God listened to her because I was at home safe in my apartment that early morning. How horrible is it to know you're the child that your Mother worries the most about?

Confession #2. I have betrayed my Mother, twice. No need to go into details but most parents would have turned me away. My Mother, she embraced me harder after she poured out endless tears before me. To see your Mother break down because of you, it rips your soul out and I DESERVE it.

Leaving our house every morning knowing that she is in peace and proud of me, it's worth more than all the alcohol in the this world. More than any drunken moment I've ever had. More than any emotion or feeling that alcohol could ever give me. That feeling is worth more than anything in this world. That feeling is so good I could die happy today. I have no regrets, I live in peace.

Being truly content is not only about my Mother. It's about no longer needing to hear or feel the touch of another, because as you know I not only dialed drunk, but I dialed sober. I am so happy that I am now willing to recognize that I used to seek physical and emotional touch from others to mask loneliness and sadness. Confession #3 I suffered from depression.

I'm so truly content now that I am willing to admit it.

Now I'm sure you're waiting for confession #4 to be that I am an alcoholic. HAH. Does this look like AA to you? No twelve step program here. I don't need one. My faults and depression can't be blamed on alcohol, all of that is on me. I never drank enough to blame it on alcohol.

Also if I was an alcoholic I could never drink again and seriously I can't give up drinking and being slutty all together. Then what would I blog about? That's right Internet Im a drunken slut just for you.

Seriously though, drinking it matters. That's why I said I don't miss it THAT much.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Keep your hands to yourself

My little habit of not leaving things alone, yeah it's going to catch up to me pretty soon. How embarrasing. I hope that he keeps his mouth shout about what I said to him, although I just found out today this boy doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut.

Neither do I.

Most of the time when I get around cute boys I become 13 all over again. I get giggly and stupid. I finally learned how to stop drooling. Shameless flirting is not under control though. Keeping the mouth shut? Also not under control.

I will let you guys know later if someone decides to keep their mouth shut. Here's to hoping.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

I really wish I could drink right now


I want to cry and get drunk, but all I can do is cry.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

What. The. Fuck.

Leave MY fucking song alone!

I don't want to hear it on MTV, especially not when it's featured on an episode of Laguna Beach. I don't want to hear it on the local pop station, especially when it's featured on a new music segment on the radio show of The Media Guy I pissed Off.

It's not new! It's been my favorite song for well over a year. This blog is named after it. I love, love, love it! For the love of God, PLEASE don't ruin it for me. It's an awesome song and I know that the teeny bopper kids are just going to soak it all up and next show I go see Im going to be the only person of age at the show, ok well maybe Snippy will be there too. BUT STILL!

Leave it the fuck alone. Leave it in my little world of guilty pleasures. Leave it alone in my world of designer clothes, make up, sweaty hot band boys, or even regular hot boys, rock & roll, sex and cheesecake.

I know it's kind of stupid of me to become possesive of a song, but I do. All the time. I feel like my favorite songs are my little treasures, hidden from the world and when they are discovered I get a little jealous. Like, "Hey but I liked it first!"

"Little old me, Yeah I LIKED IT FIRST."

I want someone to recognize that, cause really it matters.

I know, I know it's stupid. I know I should be happy for them, that they're going to get super huge and make lots of money. They're nice guys and they deserve it. I mean really I met them, they're nice. Agustana is an awesome band, with a bunch of good guys. They deserve to get big.
I just didn't want MY song, Boston, to get ruined.

I can totally understand why the world is in love with it though. Sigh. Here you go, enjoy it internet but remember! I liked it first!

*Goes off to the corner and pouts, while singing Boston at the top of her lungs*

Friday, November 10, 2006


Only I didn't get to go to a ball,I didn't meet prince charming, I had no glass slippers and no fairy god mother. Damn it.

I rushed home so I could post before midnight. If that doesn't solidify my classification as a loser then I don't know what does. That's ok though because Im a loser with hot clothes, lots of shopping today. Yay for living with my parents! My Mom often decides to take me on little shopping sprees.

Sure I feel like a loser a lot of the time. Like when I'm speeding home so I can get on blogger before midnight, or being at home for the 5th Friday night in a row, or being ignored by Dentist at the moment. So yeah maybe Im a loser, but a loser with two new pairs of Citizens jeans and a lamb skin black leather jacket.

Yeah, I have kick ass outfits to stay at home in on Friday nights. BEAT THAT.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


"So how's Mike?"

"Mike died."


"He died of a brain tumor this past May."

"I'm so sorry."

"It was horrible, they have give 14 months to live but he died in 9."

Mike was someone who I worked with about three years ago. Mike was older than me, 55 but he was someone who I enjoyed talking to. Mike was a ladies man, a blunt man, a lonely man. I always had a feeling of sadness for Mike, because he always seemed so alone. He went home to an empty apartment and wasn't close to his family.

Mike was in a long term relationship of 15 years with Dr. Z, our boss. They had a very disfunctional relationship and fought in front of me many times, it was uncomfortable and sad. The very odd thing is that they took care of each other, despite the fact that he had cheated on her and left her. They took comfort in each other and got past the negative to live a better live with each other in it.

Dr. Z took care of Mike the entire time he was sick. Dr. Z payed for all of Mike's medical expenses, he didn't have insurance and today she told me, " I wish I could have done more for him."

She cried and I just hugged her, not saying a word.

Dr. Z did more than most people ever would. He wasn't her husband not even a friend, he was her employee. However, she was there when it really mattered. She fought to give him every chance to live when she didn't have to.

I will pray for Mike and Dr. Z tonight, because no one in this world deserves to feel alone. Im very sad that I never had the opportunity to say bye to Mike, to see him one last time. That is life. You never know. I hope he didn't feel so alone when he left.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fucking red eye

My eyes are extremely red, they have been all day. They are so irritated cause of my allergies. It's extremely hard for me to stare at my computer monitor for longer than a few minutes. So there is my excuse for a crappy blog today, you happy?

No I don't have herpes of the eyes, or pink eye, or some other type of infection. My Optometrist said my eyes needed rest and to wear my glasses until the irritation goes down.

Now I can blame my lack of social life on having to wear glasses. I mean I did spend over $300 on some hip Gucci frames, but man I don't care how cute and expensive glasses I are I look like I dork. I'm not sexy in glasses.

So yeah thanks allergies! I appreciate it. I'd take snot, phlegm and sinuses over having to wear these stupid glasses any day. Fuck! Seriously Id look hotter with snot running down my nose than with these glasses on my face.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


She said:

You should have stayed up late just to entertain me :)

No Im not drunk.

He said:

i'm sorry your entertainment monkey wasn't available for you at your your beckoning call haha. you weren't drunk? sure? ;) talk to ya later.

She said:

You're my personal entertainment monkey? Im such a lucky girl, especially since you're so cute. Way cuter than any other entertainment monkey I've ever seen, and you're mine. So lucky ;)

and no, not drunk, i havent had alcohol in 42 days, and no Im not counting

He said:

You have no idea ;)

She said:


He said:

nice one, you're good! hah

She said:

Yeah, well. What can I say? Im awesome.

He said:

damn right.

Did you hear that internet? Dentist (the hottest man alive) doesn't just agree that I'm awesome he said damn right, I'm awesome!

And really I am, no one else interrupts him in between countless hours of studying. Just me! Just to tell him that Im bored and to shamelessly flirt with him. I boost his ego A LOT so how can he not think Im awesome? I also happen to be an individual with a vagina that will talk sports and also enjoys all the HARD rock bands that he likes. Sports: AWESOME. HARD rock: AWESOME. Vagina: DAMN AWESOME.

Ok enough of praising me, but seriously internet I looked for hours on-line to find a monkey graphic that would fit his personality and send it to him. I looked for HOURS and I found the perfect monkey. PERFECT. Cause I want to get in his pants so bad care that much.

And that ladies, that is how you rope a man. Well, when he's far away. There is a much sluttier easier, much more fun way to rope in a man. I don't care what anyone says, it works! However that requires his presence and that is also a lesson for another day.

Do it because I SAID SO

Today is election day people! Get out and vote. You can stay home and believe that your vote doesn't make a difference, but it does. So exercise your right to vote.

I don't have that right, if I did I would vote. I am 23 years of age and have never voted. I'm sure that lots of people out there are of age and have never voted. The sad things is that they can vote, I on the other hand can't. I am not a U.S. citizen but I know if I was, I would be out there voting.

So many people bitch about how crappy such and such politicians are or how poorly our tax money is being spent. Well then get off your lazy ass and do something about it. Nothing is going to change while you sit at home and scrath your ass. I pay just as much in taxes as you do and my opinion means nothing, I'm powerless. You however, you can have an opinion and a say on what the outcome of today's election is.

So go out and vote today! If you don't do it for the good of your country, state and city, then do it for me. I don't care if you vote democrat, republican or independent. Just go vote. Just know that if I find out you could vote and didn't, I'll kick you in the testicles/vagina.

I'm serious. What are you doing reading this? Go Vote, NOW. DO IT.

Monday, November 06, 2006

It's either this or shock therapy

I can't leave things alone. I say I will, and then I don't. Then I make them way worse than they were in the beginning.

I am writing this blog simply because if I don't I will send a message to someone who happens to be signed on to myspace at the very moment. He's an ass and does not deserve a message from me. I'm keeping my hands occupied by typing this. Nothing important, just a form of therapy.

Now carry on.

Let me lay it out for you

Here's what is going on with the boys.

Im still talking to Dentist on a daily basis, mostly over instant messenger or myspace. He's still the fucking hottest thing ever, we are still planning on hanging out when he comes home for Christmas.

Now in between trying to forget about Midland I ended up building a frienship with him again. We manage to have a heart to heart at least twice a week and well it's getting a little less complicated every time. The boy doesn't want to admit he's in love with me because he's afraid of getting hurt. I realize that I have to gain his trust back and I also realize it's no easy thing. Things have been going extremely well lately and we're making each other laugh again. It feels good, but Im still guarding my heart. No worries.

Ok the stupid loser who rejected me is still being a stupid loser. Now it turns out TWO of his roomates are in love with me, so that's why he can't hang out with me. HE still thinks Im hot, I still think he's a douche bag. He's a super cute douche bag, a douche bag who plays the guitar which makes him HOT. Damn him for having every single thing I find irresistible in a man, but for now Im not talking to him or his roomates.

So that's the boy situation in a nutshell. Still single, but not confused. Just waiting patiently to see what happens.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

It might happen

It's getting closer, the thing I've dreamt about for so long.

This time it might actually work out.

This time it's going to be different, it's going to be harder.

It's going to be truer.

I hope this time it's forever.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Thanks for all the support SNIPPY!

NOT GETTING BOOTED! *sticks out toungue*

Excuse me for not blogging earlier because I have a life. Well, not really. However, I did get volunteered to drive back and forth to Houston today. I hate Houston, hate Houston drivers and Houston traffic. Im back in Austin though, and Im actually leaving my house tonight unlike last night.

I mean I really had a blast myspacing back and forth with that stupid loser who rejected me and then called me hot. Yeah that's how I spent my Friday evening. He's fucking with my head and I don't like that. He's getting himself into trouble and doesn't even know it, WATCH OUT.

Sorry for the lame blog but Im just covering my ass. Better one tomorrow I hope.

I'm on my way to see Borat! Im super super excited. I will let you know what I think.


Friday, November 03, 2006

I stand alone

I've been browing nablopomo randomizer pretty frequently, in hopes of stumbling across a few good reads. First of all that thing is spitting out a lot of the same blogs to me, psssh, and second nothing has really popped out at me.

Now see here is the thing,I am not saying that there aren't any good blogs out there, or that everyone's writing sucks. I have stumbled on some amazing writers, their words are beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful and deep. However that's not really speaking to me right now.

Also not speaking to me at the moment are Mommy bloggers. I swear there must be a law out there that states, "If your vagina has popped out a kid, you must create a blog and in this blog you will talk about how cute, mischevious and weird your kids are, you will also post a million pictures of them, ALL THE TIME."

Now don't get me wrong I love reading the Mommy bloggers, they write some pretty funny shit and their kids are sometimes cute but well I'm sorry I can't relate. The fact that I've never had my vagina ripped open makes me unable to relate to all that cuteness, and love. Well, frankly I don't want to relate to it right now.

All Im saying that is out of hundreds of thousands of blogs there has to be a couple of them out there who don't mention kids or make me want to vomit with cuteness, love, and all things butterflies, clouds, rainbows and lady bugs. I've been in an extremely bitchy mood lately and I just want to know that there are others just as bitter as me. I want to feed my bitchyness.

I also want to live through others as they write about their drunkeness, sluttiness, and stupidness. I mean seriously, someone out there has to be sinning but Im thinking that people on the internet well they don't have the balls to admit to those things.

So if you're reading this and you can point me over to some blogs that might interest me leave me a comment. I have faith in you internet after all we can't leave everything slutty, drunk, and stupid up to me. I've been doing a shitty job of doing those things lately. Although, Im thinking that those bloggers well they might be too hungover or in someone else's bed therefore they're unable to share.

Im jealous, really jealous.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

By request

Sloppy had the brilliant suggestion that since I haven't been getting drunk lately (40 days!) that I should share my best drunk story ever. I started jogging my memory last night going through what I can actually remember of my drunk times, because honestly Internet it's all a blurr. That's a little embarrassing, I'm 23 years old and my memory is really fuzzy and choppy. I'm pretty sure Alzheimer's is in my future, yay.

On my little trip down drunk memory lane I realized that most of my drunk stories are not necessarily good stories, just funny things that happened here and there that I just happen to remember. Things that are only funny if you were there. Suddenly this morning I thought outside the box(imagine that!) and asked myself what would the Internet think is a good drunk story? This one little story came to mind, because it seems every time I tell this story people laugh at me A LOT. Now, I didn't really find it too humorous at the time, but now I realize it is pretty damn funny. So here it goes:

I was hanging out with my friend Alissa and her girls at Dizzy Rooster over SXSW (South by Southwest Festival), so of course the place was super packed. At the time Real World: Austin was also filming and Dizzy Rooster happened to be the favorite hang out of the RW gang. So it was crammed in there and I didn't like it, my Colombian friend, Santiago texted that I should meet him at Bongos for salsa dancing. The girls I was with weren't interested in going so I headed out by myself (not a good idea on SXSW weekend)

As I am making my way out of the entrance of Dizzy Rooster I suddenly felt a hand go up my skirt and in between my legs and immediately a chill went up my spine and disgust took over my whole body. I am as feisty as they get and even feistier when I'm under the influence of alcohol, so naturally my immediate reaction was to turn around and punch the nasty bastard who did that.

As I turn around to hit the asshole in the face I realize that asshole is actually a woman. A woman who was manlier then most men I know, she was about 280, 6'2" with a short buzz cut. Immediately my disgust tripled and I forgot how tiny I am. I let the rage and alcohol take control of me and I screamed, "Do I look like a fucking dike to you?"

"Stupid cunt!" and with that I punched the bitch in the shoulder.

I finished my exit out of the club and I got three steps outside of the bar when the next thing I know my body is tackled into the front left tire of a truck. My natural instinct was not to fight back (ha ha yeah I'm a pussy) I just covered my face. She didn't fight like a woman, she just started wailing on me like a man and it took two decent size guys to pry her off of me. In the process of the fall my left knee hit the tire and pavement hard as well as my left elbow. They were immediately swollen and they hurt like hell.

The first thing I did when the two guys helped me up from the pavement and underneath the truck was to look in my purse for a mirror. I had to make sure that my face was OK and that none of my make up had been smeared, because the most important thing to do after you've been beat up outside a bar is to make sure you still look hot enough to hit up the next one.

Now if I hadn't been drinking I would have gone to the cops and reported the stupid dike but instead I had the two guys (TWO STRANGERS!) walk me over to 5Th and Neches to meet my friends for Salsa dancing. That's right I salsa danced all night on a super swollen knee with the help of many tequila shots and long island iced teas. I had the most fun ever that night acting like a cute little victim, I got many sympathy drinks and all the attention. I even busted out with the Lisa Turtle sprain dance.

It was the most. fun. ever. Until I woke up the next morning not being able to walk and I had to tell my Mom that I had been tripped by a dog while running. Now I realize that this doesn't sound like a very fun, very good drunk story but HEllO I got beat up by a LESBIAN, not many people can say that.

I mean I could have told you about the skinny dipping drunk story that involved my first girl on girl kiss, or about the time I peed myself in public, or how I am officially banned from two fraternity houses on UT campus, or how I almost died at a foam party or how I beat up a guy with my shoe but you see Internet those are things Id NEVER admit to, but getting beat up by a lesbian that I will admit to because what can I say? I'm hardcore like that.

Your turn Sloppy

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Yeah that man touched Mommy's boob once

Austin came in at #5 on the list of America's most educated cities:

City, in order of education rank
Percent of population with college degree or higher
edian household income

1. Seattle, WA 52.7

2. San Francisco, CA 50.1

3. Raleigh, NC 50.1

4. Washington, DC 45.3

5. Austin, TX 44.1

Earlier in the year we also placed #5 in the list for Drunkest Cities in the U.S.

Now if you've ever partied in Austin you know those two results sum up the atmosphere really well, because in a bar in Austin chances are the guy that is SUPER wasted and trying to feel you up is a genius rocket scientist or a future president of the U.S.

I love this city. I mean seriously not everyone will have the privilidge of telling their kids that once before they ripped Mommy's vagina open Mommy had a life, and that in that life Mommy had a lot of fun getting drunk and being slutty. One time Mommy met a young man, and the young man was really drunk. Mommy and the young man took shots of Patron, booty danced all while the young man had his hands all over Mommy's breasts, and now that young man is The President of this tiny little country we call the U.S.

Yeah, Id make the best Mommy ever.

Teh COOLEST in teh internet

Yes, Im one in the multitude of nerds bloggers who have signed up for this thing. I figured I post a lot of boring non-sense all the time anyway so why not try and get something out of it? Im really hoping I can score a t-shirt or something.

My content has seriously been sucking lately, I mean not that it was ever good to being with, but still I don't have much to tell you lately. This blog was built around my alcoholic slutty ways, and well none of that has been going on lately. ( I think my Mom is somewhere out there shouting Hallelujah!) I could claim it's writer's block, but HAH, have you read my piece of crap blog? I have no writting skills, this blog can be summed up by the following: Stupid Honduran girl bitches to the internet with horrible grammar and even more horrible cuss words.

Hell, I don't even blog about interesting crap, or about crap that matters. No, no talk of politics, world hunger or the environment on here. I bitch about not drinking, not getting any, stupid men and so on and so forth. So if you've hopped on over here because that little writing movement sent you over here, yeah sorry I suck. Sorry Im not teh coolest on teh internet.

In short dear readers, yeah THREE of you! (Hey there, how you doin'?)

Don't be surprised if the daily blogs look something like this:


Yeah today sucks. My hair sucks, not being drunk sucks and yeah I still haven't gotten any.

The end.

Yeah that sums up today so on we go to day #2.