Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Teh COOLEST in teh internet

Yes, Im one in the multitude of nerds bloggers who have signed up for this thing. I figured I post a lot of boring non-sense all the time anyway so why not try and get something out of it? Im really hoping I can score a t-shirt or something.

My content has seriously been sucking lately, I mean not that it was ever good to being with, but still I don't have much to tell you lately. This blog was built around my alcoholic slutty ways, and well none of that has been going on lately. ( I think my Mom is somewhere out there shouting Hallelujah!) I could claim it's writer's block, but HAH, have you read my piece of crap blog? I have no writting skills, this blog can be summed up by the following: Stupid Honduran girl bitches to the internet with horrible grammar and even more horrible cuss words.

Hell, I don't even blog about interesting crap, or about crap that matters. No, no talk of politics, world hunger or the environment on here. I bitch about not drinking, not getting any, stupid men and so on and so forth. So if you've hopped on over here because that little writing movement sent you over here, yeah sorry I suck. Sorry Im not teh coolest on teh internet.

In short dear readers, yeah THREE of you! (Hey there, how you doin'?)

Don't be surprised if the daily blogs look something like this:


Yeah today sucks. My hair sucks, not being drunk sucks and yeah I still haven't gotten any.

The end.

Yeah that sums up today so on we go to day #2.

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