Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Message to the guy who rejected me

I get that you're trying to be funny, and get a rise out of me. I personally don't know what you gain from it, and I will never begin to understand that type of childish behavior.

I do not find it appropriate that you joke about Matt or Ben towards me, especially not in front of other people. I have never expressed to anyone that I like Matt and even if I did that is none of your business.

I believe your humor puts others in ridicule and while some may find that funny I do not. So I would appreciate if you would keep my name from coming out of your mouth.

You are nothing more than an acquaintance to me. I do not know you enough to partake in such humor with you. I understand if you're trying to be funny and I'm taking things too seriously, I do not disregard that. However, I do not feel you know me well enough to talk to me like that. Especially not in front of others. I feel very disrespected and while you don't care, I do.

So if you are going to continue this type of behavior towards me I would appreciate you just don't speak to me and especially do not speak of me.



Monday, January 01, 2007

The first one is a sad one

Sorry I've been MIA but I've been so incredibly busy with the family visiting. Today is my first day back home since Christmas and this feeling of nostalgia is all over me.

I tend to forget why I hate New Years so much, but I was quickly slapped in the face with that at midnight last night. This is the second year in a row I've been alone on New Years. I should have wrangled up a date, but where? I have been having the dry spell from hell.

First of all Dentist never called and I decided not to go visit Midland. I wanted to cry so badly when everyone around me was bringing in the new year with a kiss, the feeling of loneliness overwhelmed me.

I am not a needy person but today I just want someone to care for. I know he will come when I least expect it, but Jesus could you just hurry up a little bit?