Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Good Things

I get to plan an event for work. Anything I want, to reward our employees. Im going to use most of the budget on booze, our company is very booze friendly. Amen.

Open bar tomorrow people,OPEN Bar. As in I can have all the alcohol I want, as in Emma will be drunk, as in Emma will be REALLY drunk. As in expect a good blog on Thursday.

Im going to purchase a hot new dress for the open bar event tomorrow. Bob is also getting a hot new dress, we're shopping together.

Good thing count:
Party for work.
Anything I want.
Im going to make sure there is plenty of booze.
Half day off work included.
Open Bar.
Open Bar.
Open Bar.
Hot new dress for me.
Hot new dress for Bob.
Shopping with Bob.
Spending time with Bob, Mr. Bob and Snippy tomorrow.
Spending time with Bob, Mr. Bob and Snippy tomorrow at an open bar. (we've done this at Bob's Wedding, it got crazy. Oh and this time Bob will be able to really get down cause she isn't going to have an 800 pound dress on her. There will also be no crazy mother in laws there.)
Open bar.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Oh, Internet you thought that you got rid of me...

Like my Grandma says, "Mala hierba nunca muere."

En Ingles that means, a bad herb (weed) never dies.

No Im not all the way better. Im gonna get there though, the important thing is that Im healthy and I have really wonderful, beautiful people around me.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Im tired of it..

You know as I've grown up I've learned to not say a lot of things out loud. Im tired of holding back, Im about to lash out at someone. Im fucking pissed.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My laugh of the day

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

hahahaha, you know that's hilarious

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Who knew lesbians could actually motivate me?

I am having a hard time dealing with some things right now.

Im going to go into hiding, don't worry I'll become a better person, Im not going to let depression take over me. Im going to surprise you when all of this is over.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Trouble is in town...

Her name is Arlette.

Oh wait, Im pretty sure trouble never left Austin cause I= trouble. Trouble gets worse when her bff is in town.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Overheard at Bob's Last Night

Snippy: Makes reference to her boobs.

Me: "I know what size your boobs are, hehe."

(If you want to know as well read this)

Who says blogs aren't informative? Rack size es muy importante, I choose my friends by the size of their rack, you don't really Id be friends with Snippy if she didn't have fabulous breasts do you?

Ethiopia called...

Apparently some kid there wants his body back.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Why I need to drink with Bob, Snippy and Santi

I feel like booty dancing, and Bob is the Queen of Booty dancing among other things.

I know how much fun Snippy is when she orders alcohol instead of a Dr.Pepper.

Because just when I think I am too scandalous, slutty, loud and a lush Santi manages to make me look like a saint.

Oh yeah Santi, Im also tired of seeing your cigarettes at the bottom of my purse. They are totally cramping my style. At church on sunday instead of pulling out my wallet I pulled out your cigarettes, IN CHURCH, in front of MY WHOLE family. Did I mention that my parents are pastors now?

Now they think I smoke and they don't belive me when I tell them I don't since they know that I have sex, dirty dance, swear and lie. Someone doing that many bad things has to be a smoker and most likely does lines of coke off her Bible.

Mom and Dad, I don't smoke, lines of coke are more my thing. Let's face it smoking is just plain trashy. How to not be trashy is one lesson I did actually learn from you guys.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The One That Pissed Off The Media

Now Bobby Bones just plain gets on my nerves most of the time, he's a tool and yes I've interacted with him plenty of times to come to that conclusion.

However, this morning they did Homeless Theather. They went out on the street and paid homeless guys to re-enact famous movie scenes.

I saw Brokeback Mountain and I fell asleep. Im pretty sure I wouldn't fall asleep through Brokeback Mountain: Homeless Edition.

It was pretty fucking hilarious, I was seriously ROFLMFAO.

Did you hear that? I was rolling on the floor laughing my fucking ass off.

Im going to look for the pod-cast and try and put it on here.

Weekend Recap August 11th-13th


$40 worth of groceries
$40 worth of wine and a bottle of champagne(cheap wine)

BBQ pool side for two people (my cousin)

Yummy food and 4 bottles of wine between both of us.

Pass out early.


Wake up early.

Pancakes and Mimosas for two.

Go home and pass out.

Screw around on myspace and talk to Midland.


Church at 10 a.m.

My parents were ordained as ministers.

BBQ at my Mom's friends house.

Pass out at home.

More myspace.

Yeah that's right Im a preacher's daugther now, scary

Monday, August 14, 2006

Friday, August 11, 2006

So you can put a face to the name.





Yeah I know that picture of me is pretty gross.

Pictures courtesy of Google Image.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

You know what? It's ok to like THEM.

Sorry for my absence yesterday, I had important things to do, like sleep. I wasn't feeling up for anything yesterday, I went to sleep in a shitty mood on tuesday night and I woke up feeling even shittier yesterday morning.

I was very excited to see Talladega Nights on tuesday and that didn't end up happening, which made me very very very pissed off and sad. I want to see that movie SOOOOO bad and I wanted to see Snippy and Cat even more. However, someone screwed it up for me big time and I should have known better to even attempt to have some fun with her. Sorry Bob that you had to purchase the tickets and I have your money for those.

So of course lack of Will Farrell, Snippy and Bob= a very sad, pissed off me.

To make matters worse I sent Cali a message and I got no response, I cried all night. I didn't cry all night because of Cali, but I cried because I realize now that I have become such a girl. All my life I have been one of the guys, and I love that, I miss that.

When all the girls I knew would bitch about how much assholes guys were I was the one girl defending them. All my life I have never believed that men are out to get me. When a guy apologized to me, I believed them. When they weren't that into me I would say fuck it and be friends with them, because you know what? I chose to believe them when they said, "I want to be friends with you."

Every single man that I have ever dated I am still on good terms with. I have always made it a point to leave a relationship when there is still respect left. I have chosen to learn from the mistakes that were made in that relationship, to move on happy that I was a wiser person because of it. I am proud of that and it's so good when you can run into one of those guys and they remember you so fondly.

I remember losing my best girl friend in 5th grade, I remember hurting for her friendship. It sucked that she stole all my other girl friends and they were no longer allowed to talk to me. I didn't want to be that friendless girl, so I became friends with the guys in my class. Ever since then I have become a guy's guy. I went through middle school, high school, and now college with my best friend's being male.

The thing with my male friends is that we don't have to see each other every day or for even months. However, we always get back to where we were, Im always home with them. I don't talk to them about relationships, I have fun with them. We drink beer, we cuss, we laugh, and we check out tits and ass. It's fun. It makes me happy to be one of the guys, to know that Im surrounded by men who actually appreciate my company. When I was one of the guys, I never felt lonely, or sad that I didn't have a bf. When I did start dating someone they loved that I was a guy's girl.

Now though, I've developed this attitude with men. I don't try and make friends with men, I automatically put them in categories: dateable or not dateable. That's just plain sick. You know what? That dorky guy that talked to me might actually have something interesting to say, hell he might even be funny. I might actually enjoy his company, or how about that hot guy? Why do I automatically try so hard to get them to like me? Shouldn't he have to work for it?

Im not going to hate Cali for not writing me back right away, he doesn't have to. The guy really wants to be friends with me, he's written me back twice since the un-responded message. I was advised that I should just not talk to the asshole, that it would make him more interested in me. You know what?

NO! I wrote him back, because I want to be friends with him too. I am going to go to his show tonight because he invited me and he thought it would be cool if I stopped by. I am going to go with my good friend, Stephen. A guy I have known since I was in 7th grade, a guy who I can have beers with, a guy who makes me laugh and who makes me comfortable.

I am going to give Cali the benefit of the doubt and Im going to accept his apology for Saturday night. Im choosing to believe him that he is sorry and that he wants to be my friend. You know what else Im going to do?

Im going to actually be his friend. Im not going to drool over him, or flirt with him, or try to take all his time. Im going to give him my opinion of the show, Im going to talk to the rest of his friends, Im going to talk to MY friend. Im going to say good-bye not in hope that I get a call back, a message, or a kiss. Im going to say good-bye in hopes that we can develop a friendship, because Im ready to be free of my hate for men.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Can we keep this on planet earth?

So according to my site meter someone at NASA in FL stopped by my blog today. All I have to say is:

Can we keep my slutiness between me, you, the internet and leave outer space out of this?

I just know someday I will be banned from planet earth and Id really like it if the aliens didn't know all about how scandalous and crazy I am.

Weekend Recap August 4th-6th

Diana's B-Day Weekend


We attended HH for Diana at Iron Cactus. I was kind of in a bad mood cause of Cali so I was ready to drink, and drink I did. The bad thing is that the hour never turned "happy", I mean I had 4 margaritas and a mexican martini at Iron Cactus and I didn't even get "happy."

The happy hour was really nice though and consisted of Diana, Diana's co-worker, Diana's family, Diana's friends and of course Mr.Santi. We all know that if there is alcohol he is there.

Diana, Marissa, Claudia,her husband and I decided to go to Copa for some salsa dancing. Although I didn't do much dancing, I did do a lot more drinking. Im telling you though I never found that happy spot, ok well I kind of did, do you know who I ran into, Snippy! Yeah, that's right, I ran into Snippy who was looking super hot and Snippy had super hot company. However, I can't talk about that company. I can't tell you how Snippy and Company, salsa danced and how the company bought us shots. Or how the company dropped me off on 6th so that I could meed up with Victor.

Diana and Marissa wanted to leave at midnight and I would have been all about that since I was obviously spending money on alcohol that wsn't doing anything. However as I was wiping out Copa's entire tequila supply Cali texted me to tell me that he had just gotten to 6th and that he was at blind pig. The rest of the night pretty much sucked though, it went down hill fast. It basically consisted of me texting Cali to tell him to meet met at his bar, oh no wait we're at this bar now, no wait come here cause we left there, etc etc.

What is up with people who have one drink at a bar and then move on to the next one? Seriously, Victor that's really annoying. Especially if Im trying to meet up with a guy. Then the night ended up with me being mad that Cali didn't meet up with me and I sent a nasty text message to which he responded saying, he really did want to be friends.

Did I mention that I also ended up getting locked out of my house and I had to spend the night at Victor's? Well I did, I slept on an air mattress in the guest bedroom, that boy has been trying to get some of this since we were 14 and that is NEVER going to happen.


After cleaning and laundry was done I headed to Diana's to get ready for the real birthday bash at Vicci.

Diana's Mom made lasagna and a million girls, Santi included came over to eat, drink and get ready. Good times. I had to do everyone's make up and I ended up being the last one ready, are you surprised? Of course not, Im always the last one ready. Although this time I had a good excuse.

Vicci was great like always, I know you guys don't like that place. They play MY music there though and I have to dance pretty much the WHOLE time. I love that, plus you can't beat their big and strong long islands. Everyone ended up showing up, really, EVERYONE. Only Panama was missing but he did call several times that night to remind me to be good, that might have been possible had Cali not shown up to Vicci.

Yes, I got to see Cali at Vicci. Only his friend's wanted to leave as soon as they got there and I didn't really get to talk to him, or seduce him with my dancing. I got upset and it wasn't pretty I will say that my best male friend ruined my game AGAIN, and he will pay for it.

The rest of the night consisted of more long islands, Colombia showing up and pissing me off. The night also consisted of drunk dialing, which eventually led to me ending up in Cali's bed really early in the morning. I was good though, there was no sex. I made that very clear to him, but I will say he was a very good kisser and he wears the same designer jeans I do. Now THAT's hot, well actually I think everything about him is hot.

Ok, not everything is hot. He ended up adding me to his myspace, and you know what his myspace status says? In a relationship. I haven't talked to him about it yet, and I don't plan on bringing it up either. The girl is in Cali though and we all know that long distance sucks and never works out. I plan on inviting him to blues on the green and Im supposed to go see his band play saturday.


There isn't much to say other than I slept, I ate and ate and ate. Then I myspaced.

All I want for next weekend is for it to up the whole time, that whole up and down up and down thing really sucks.

Monday, August 07, 2006

My Kind of Magic

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

My Week in Pics

Augustana Show. Snippy makes an apperance here!

RockYou slideshow | View | Add Favorite

Friday Iron Cactus and Copa

RockYou slideshow | View | Add Favorite

Diana's Birthday at Vicci on Saturday

RockYou slideshow | View | Add Favorite

Weekend re-cap coming soon guys. I was scandalous once again, go figure. haha

Friday, August 04, 2006

Because I need to laugh today

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

Isn't that hilarious?

I need to laugh today cause I called Cali last night at around 8 p.m. to invite him to happy hour today, only he didn't answer, I left a message and he didn't call back. I know, I know that there could be lots of reasons why he hasn't gotten a chance to but Im a pessimist damn it. Im sad.

Oh and furthermore, whoever came to the conclusion that drinking at work is not appropriate (unless you're a valet driver of course) is an asshole.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

From the bottom of my heart

My Dad called me yesterday afternoon to tell me he couldn't pick me up because he just had, "A pretty bad wreck."

I was so scared cause he sounded so shaken, nervous, choked up, and he was mumbling everything and couldn't say or understand much. He just said that it was pretty bad, he was ok and that he wasn't sure if someone else was hurt but the cops were on the way. My heart dropped to my stomach.

This is why I hate driving. A little over a couple of years ago my little Brother was involved in a drunk driving accident. This was no little accident but one that ended up shattering two families not to mention two bright futures, friends, and a whole community. One of my Brother's friends passed away due to the accident, he died instantly.

With that accident our lives changed completely, and if I could get one message out to the world is drinking and driving is SERIOUSLY not worth it. Believe me drinking and driving changes the world, maybe not the whole world, but someone's world. Sometimes someone's world is way more important than the entire BIG one. Because of that accident one world lacks a son, brother, grandchild, cousin, boyfriend and friend.

Do you know how powerful God is? Im not a bible beater or religious by any means. However, no one in this entire universe could convice me that God doesn't exist. In that accident there was supposed to be two lives lost and I know it was our prayers to God and his endless mercy that my brother is with us today. The road wasn't easy, he endured countless surgeries, was in the hospital far too long and has to deal with the law. He is scarred all over, but he's alive. He is doing great, has no complications, is doing well in school and has a great job. If that's not God then I don't know what is.

We don't deserve the mercy and miracles that God has given us. My entire family would give every single one of our lives if we could have Matt back with us, if it would take away one single ounce of pain that his family feels. We have become so incredibly close through all of this and that is a blessing in disguise. Our love for one another is beautiful, it's priceless.

As hard as times like those may seem it's amazing to discover just how much you love someone. The moment I got the phone call that my brother was in surgery I asked God to please let him live and take my life if he wanted. We all would have given up everything to have him with us, we weren't ready to let go. No one is ever ready to let go but we were extremely blessed that God wasn't ready to receive my brother either.

You know they say time heals all wounds, but I don't believe it. I think time makes you hide them a little better, but these type of wounds never heal. Ask my Brother or Matt's family.

All I have left to say in regards to that is:

Thank you God for your endless love, protection and mercy over my family and all my loved ones. Thank you for taking care of my Daddy and the driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident yesterday.

Thank you Mom, Dad, Pamela, Billy, Emilio and Shaun because without you guys I would find it very hard to wake up every morning. You, my family, are my world. You're my heart and soul. I would give every ounce of me if that's what it would take for you guys to never hurt.

Thank you Huss family for your kindness, unconditional love, and support you have given my brother and family despite all your grief. God has angels on earth and you are among them.

Matt, although you were taken from this earth way too soon God has received a beautiful soul in heaven. I pray for you and your family every day.

Thank you to the rest of my family and friends. You make my world an amazing one. The smiles, laughter and love you bring into my life are priceless and I will treasure every single one of them forever.

Thank you Snippy from the bottom of my heart for picking me up yesterday.

I just woke up today and felt like I needed to say thank you for a lot, so thank you.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

13 Is the best age ever

Seriously. I know I didn't think 13 was that fabulous when I was actually 13. Let me tell you though last night I went back in time and became the giggly, won't stop talking, boy crazy girl who thinks rock-stars are the coolest thing alive all over again. Believe me internet, it was too fun for words. You too can experience this with the help of 5 beers, trust me its F-U-N FUN!

So yesterday I told you that I was going to go see Augustana and that I was totally going to geek out cause they're awesome and I got the name of this blog cause of them, and their music is awesome and blah blah blah.

First of all I had great company: Diana, Snippy, and beer. Trust me beer is very important in this story because apparently you see, I talk a lot . Actually according to Snippy, " Like, think about how much you think is a lot and then multiply it by 4,000 and that’s half as much as Emma talks. For real."

Well, take what Snippy said and mutliply it by like a million when I've had beer and THAT's how much I talked last night, I know, I know it's a concert but you don't understand how awesome last night was. First we get to the Parish and the doors aren't open. Diana and I are starving so we decided to go to Jazz's and sit down while we wait for the doors to open so we can buy tickets. Diana is on her cell next to me and I walk up to the bar not even looking to see if there is room for her, cause Im stupid like that and this shaggy guy in a cap and red shirt asks me, If I want him to move to the other side of the bar so Diana and I could sit together.

I of course told him, "No."
I explained to him, "That Im stupid and spaced out and I wasn't looking and that I would gladly sit at the part of the bar that had more then one stool."

The waitress says something to Shaggy about his tab and he says Im with the band and then I realized omg that guy IS in the band and omg he was so nice to me, and he talked to me and I want to do him and have his babies and all that other stuff.

So I tell Diana who is now off her cell phone that OMG, that guy is with the band. So she geeks out too and we make small talk with him and you guys don't understand he was SO NICE. He told us how much he liked Austin how Austin was so much better than Dallas and I of course start telling him how much I love their music. Even better I told him that omg I write this stupid blog and that I got the title of it from their lyrics of Boston, cause that's my favorite song of theirs. I know, I know BUT I told you guys I was going to geek out. So I told him the title of my blog and don't worry I omitted the .blogpsot.com because I really don't want him to read this. Not that he would but anyway.

At this point one of the guys that works in the restaurant informs us that the show is sold out so I of course freak out, because you DON'T UNDERSTAND I HAVE TO SEE THIS BAND. The waitress hears me freaking out and informs me that she's going to find out what she can do because I mean we're sitting with the keyboardist and well we should get to see the show. So our waitress informs us that she went to the guy at the door and she got us on the list so we could see the show for FREE! I mean I was contemplating how exactly I was going to present my indecent proposal to the keyboardist so I could get in, but don't worry internet I didn't have to prostitute myself.

Yes, this is going to be a long blog. So sit tight, or you know don't read it, whatever.

Well, we got on the list but it was only for two and since Snippy was coming I went outside 10 before 8 to get her a ticket because the manager of the Parish informed me that there were plenty of tickets left. While standing in line I managed to make friends with a very nice girl named Courtney who happened to be a stewardess and her pilot friend John who happened to be very hot. Did I mention that he was a pilot? She was talking about how awesome the band was, and how great her job was and I was pretending to pay attention. Only I was really just trying to see if her and the pilot were together and I say they weren't so I was automatically in love. Panama who?

I got the ticket and went back to Diana to eat at which point Snippy shows up and I start talking and talking and talking about everything that just happened. I have another beer and then Snippy decides that Im crazy. Im not gonna deny it.

We finally made it up to the Parish and the opening act haven't started yet and it was already 9:15 p.m.
So I introduced Diana and Snippy to my new friend and I continued to try and figure out if Pilot was with Stewardess. Diana got a vibe that they were but I still say no they weren't together. So the opening act went up and they were good and I found out that the bar had my favorite beer, Sierra Nevada, so I managed to have two more plus a corona before that.

Augustana finally came on and they were beyond amazing or at least the first part of it was because I didn't really hear the rest, but only because apparently I like to hear myself talk more.

See this is what happened:

Diana tells me that she sees Pilot standing all by himself in the back and I think that's totally awesome cause this is my chance to be able to join the mile high club in the actual pilot's cabin. So after I smoothly make a stop at the bathroom I went and stood right next to Pilot and said, "Hey why are you standing all by yourself over here?"

Pilot then says, "Actually, this is my friend right over here."
So I say, "Oh that's nice Pilot." Only at this point I actually looked at Pilots face and realized that, OMG THIS GUY ISN'T PILOT!
I know you're thinking this is what happens when you drink and this type of thing only happens to me but damn. Diana pointed him out and she only had two beers and I had five so Im excused. Seriously though this guy was kinda short too just like pilot, he had short dark hair just like pilot and he was wearing THE EXACT SAME THING that pilot was wearing. I mean he even had the same flip flops as Pilot.

So here I am in this dilemma of how do I walk away? What do I say? Do I act cool and not tell him how big of a dumbass I was?

Then I decided that you know what? This guy that isn't Pilot is kind of cute so I decide to tell him the whole I thought you were Pilot story. I kept on telling him that seriously, I didn't mean to hit on him and that I really thought he was pilot. At first I think he might have been a little offended, or just didn't believe me. So I offered of course to buy him a beer cause Im a dumbass.

So we got the beer and we stayed at the end of the bar away from the show, with Augustana playing in the background. I talked and talked and talked. I found out so much about him in that 30 mins we were talking, he's from California, he just moved to Austin, he loves it here, he went to UCLA, lives in South Austin and he's smart. The guy had books in the bar! He didn't mean to bring them but they just happened to walk by and they wanted to check out the band, so he didn't have anywhere to put his books. I like this guy. Now remember how I said that I had 5 beers? Well Im pretty sure the one I had with him makes six and honestly I know I talked WAY TOO MUCH to this guy. However, he gave me his number and now I have to wait to call him, so we'll see.

Honestly though, how awesome was my night? So perhaps my new tales will include Cali and not Panama. Cause really Im done with Panama, boys south of the border just plain piss me off. Cali's Mom is from spain though so we're not leaving the spanish culture completely behind. Yes I might be in love with another boy, I mean I know you think Im stupid because that's three boys in one night plus an entire band. But man I was 13 last night!

The moral of the story: 13 wasn't that much fun because when I was actually 13 I never had 6 beers in me.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The thing that made me LMFAO today:

What's in a name?

I can't work in silence, therefore I always have yahoo radio playing while Im at work. Every once in a while I like to play the new artist channel and when there is a song I really like I'll write down the name and title of artist and look for more info and music from them. That's how I discovered Augustana.

The song that I heard was called, Boston:

I loved the song from the very beginning. The use of the piano in the melody give it a very light and distinct sound. They reminded me of coldplay a little bit with an edgier slightly harder sound at times. What really impacted me the most was one lyric of Boston because it described exactly what I was feeling at that moment in my life. The lyric was:

"I think I need a sunrise, I'm tired of the sunset."

As you have now figured out that's how I got the title and url for this blog. That simple quote just spoke very clearly and deeply to me. So I went out and bought their CD All the Stars and Boulevards.

Since then this CD has become one of my favorites and I still find myself putting it on repeat over and over again. They are very young musicians but they are extremely sincere when they write their music and we all know that finding depth in music is extremely hard these days. I found myself relating to their words and music from the very beginning. When I listen I feel as if Im experiencing the same emotions they were at that very moment when their fingers struck that guitar, drums or piano a little harder, rhougher or perhaps a little softer.

Augustana came to Austin during SXSW but I happened to be out of town when they played, I was extremely dissapointed but guess what?

They will be playing at the Parish on 6th tonight! Its $14 at the door and Im so incredibly excited to finally see them. If any of you guys would like to see them with me let me know, Id love your company. Although I warn you that Im totally going to geek out and it might not be pretty.

I know they're not big and they're not famous, but in case you didn't know I have an infatuation for dorks but most importantly for honest, talended and passionate people. These boys give me just that, so I will leave you with an excerpt of the bio they wrote on themselves:

...Some of us who started here years ago, are gone now...some of us are new here...some of us have lost loved ones in life, some of us are gaining new loved ones today...we've been in love, we've been loved...we've had our hearts broken, and in turn done the same to others...

...We're always on tour, we're always home...we get tired...we have good shows, we have bad shows...we drink, we smoke, we quit, we start again, we lie, we dance, we cheat, we're sorry, we're faithful, we have kids, we have girlfriends, we're single, we're married, we're lost, we're alone, we're finally happy, we're finally home...we smile, we cry, we live, and we'll die...but as long as you care to listen to what we have to sing and say, we promise we'll always give you all we have as people and musicians...and we'll see you all very soon...thank you for listening, goodnite...

Weekend Recap July 28th-30th

Friday 28th:
Stayed at home and hung out with my Mom and friends.

Saturday 29th:

I told you guys that since Arlette was leaving my social life would be almost dead, and I believed that, until saturday.

Bob invited me to go out on the lake on a boat with Mr. Bob, Snippy and friends. I tried to make it on time desperately but you know with my lack of car situation begging my Mother for a ride can sometimes take some bribing, Yeah I feel like Im in middle school all over again. On a positive note I've yet to have her drop me off at the mall or movies for a date, haha.

I finally met Snippy at the HEB parking lot, she had just come out of the liquor store and bought a bottle of Captain Morgan's, a bottle which I planned on having no involvement with. Snippy and I arrived at the boat rental place and were informed by the "employee" taking her smoking break outside that it would be wiser if we walked down the massive, rocky, steep hill of death rather than wait for the golf cart which might take forever.

I expected to bust my ass and Im pretty sure I did few times, thank God that I was still sober at the time otherwise Im afraid that I would not be writing this blog at the moment but Im pretty sure I would have passed on to the next life. Snippy and I finally made it down the moutain of rock but not before being passed up by a golf cart which contained two boys that were probably around 8 or 10. Apparently that's why the golf cart took so long to pick its customers up.

Once on the boat we stripped down to our bikinis, Bob, Bob's co-worker and I sat up at the front. Not a good idea. Well unless you enjoy getting your ass smacked up and banged up by the incredibly bumpy, bouncy ride courtesy of Mr.Bob. I almost made it up there for the whole ride except for at one point I came close to flying out the boat and no Im not exaggerating at this point I had only had one beer, ok maybe two.

So the rest of the boat ride went like this:

Snippy takes shot of Captain Morgan's straight from the bottle.

Snippy does this again except for this time I take picture.

Snippy suggests I do the same and I do, only I don't make a face, yeah Im hard core like that.

Bob takes shot out of bottle.

Bob's co-worker takes shot out of bottle, spits it out.

Bob's male friend takes shot out of bottle.

Snippy takes shout out of bottle.

Emma takes shout out of bottle.

Snippy takes shout out of bottle, Snippy takes shout out of bottle, Snippy takes shout out of bottle and so on.

No Im not calling her a lush but did I mention that there were boats with monstorous speakers blaring Guns & Roses, Def Leppard, AC/DC etc? Well there were and the boats had hot men on them and well that made snippy kind of hot.

Ok so somehow we made it back on land, back to the car, back to Bob's and I made it to Bob's couch.

9:00 p.m. Bob informs me we have a B-Day party to attend dt, I have nothing to wear but it's a costume party and normally I would have still freaked out because I had nothing to wear but since I was already drunk and on the verge of a hangover I was ok with just wearing anything. I was pretty lame at the party because I developed a headache and it took me 2 hrs to finish one beer, it was lame. What was also lame is that the party was country club themed and most some people were way too comfortable in those clothes (not my type of crowd).

Snippy and I headed dt with everyone else and after 20 hrs of roaming around for parking we made it to the bar where I drank lots of rum and cokes, took two tequila shots, and bought everyone drinks at least that's how I explain my $60 tab. The music was awesome at Whisky Bar that night. Im pretty sure we danced to Sexy Back about three times among other things, and even though we left a little early Im pretty sure my one day of partying was three days of partying in one and that internet is what happens when you party with Bob.

I slept until noon got dropped off at home by Mr. Bob and Bob and I spent the whole day on the couch pigging out, it was awesome.