Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Weekend Recap August 4th-6th

Diana's B-Day Weekend


We attended HH for Diana at Iron Cactus. I was kind of in a bad mood cause of Cali so I was ready to drink, and drink I did. The bad thing is that the hour never turned "happy", I mean I had 4 margaritas and a mexican martini at Iron Cactus and I didn't even get "happy."

The happy hour was really nice though and consisted of Diana, Diana's co-worker, Diana's family, Diana's friends and of course Mr.Santi. We all know that if there is alcohol he is there.

Diana, Marissa, Claudia,her husband and I decided to go to Copa for some salsa dancing. Although I didn't do much dancing, I did do a lot more drinking. Im telling you though I never found that happy spot, ok well I kind of did, do you know who I ran into, Snippy! Yeah, that's right, I ran into Snippy who was looking super hot and Snippy had super hot company. However, I can't talk about that company. I can't tell you how Snippy and Company, salsa danced and how the company bought us shots. Or how the company dropped me off on 6th so that I could meed up with Victor.

Diana and Marissa wanted to leave at midnight and I would have been all about that since I was obviously spending money on alcohol that wsn't doing anything. However as I was wiping out Copa's entire tequila supply Cali texted me to tell me that he had just gotten to 6th and that he was at blind pig. The rest of the night pretty much sucked though, it went down hill fast. It basically consisted of me texting Cali to tell him to meet met at his bar, oh no wait we're at this bar now, no wait come here cause we left there, etc etc.

What is up with people who have one drink at a bar and then move on to the next one? Seriously, Victor that's really annoying. Especially if Im trying to meet up with a guy. Then the night ended up with me being mad that Cali didn't meet up with me and I sent a nasty text message to which he responded saying, he really did want to be friends.

Did I mention that I also ended up getting locked out of my house and I had to spend the night at Victor's? Well I did, I slept on an air mattress in the guest bedroom, that boy has been trying to get some of this since we were 14 and that is NEVER going to happen.


After cleaning and laundry was done I headed to Diana's to get ready for the real birthday bash at Vicci.

Diana's Mom made lasagna and a million girls, Santi included came over to eat, drink and get ready. Good times. I had to do everyone's make up and I ended up being the last one ready, are you surprised? Of course not, Im always the last one ready. Although this time I had a good excuse.

Vicci was great like always, I know you guys don't like that place. They play MY music there though and I have to dance pretty much the WHOLE time. I love that, plus you can't beat their big and strong long islands. Everyone ended up showing up, really, EVERYONE. Only Panama was missing but he did call several times that night to remind me to be good, that might have been possible had Cali not shown up to Vicci.

Yes, I got to see Cali at Vicci. Only his friend's wanted to leave as soon as they got there and I didn't really get to talk to him, or seduce him with my dancing. I got upset and it wasn't pretty I will say that my best male friend ruined my game AGAIN, and he will pay for it.

The rest of the night consisted of more long islands, Colombia showing up and pissing me off. The night also consisted of drunk dialing, which eventually led to me ending up in Cali's bed really early in the morning. I was good though, there was no sex. I made that very clear to him, but I will say he was a very good kisser and he wears the same designer jeans I do. Now THAT's hot, well actually I think everything about him is hot.

Ok, not everything is hot. He ended up adding me to his myspace, and you know what his myspace status says? In a relationship. I haven't talked to him about it yet, and I don't plan on bringing it up either. The girl is in Cali though and we all know that long distance sucks and never works out. I plan on inviting him to blues on the green and Im supposed to go see his band play saturday.


There isn't much to say other than I slept, I ate and ate and ate. Then I myspaced.

All I want for next weekend is for it to up the whole time, that whole up and down up and down thing really sucks.

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