Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Weekend Recap July 28th-30th

Friday 28th:
Stayed at home and hung out with my Mom and friends.

Saturday 29th:

I told you guys that since Arlette was leaving my social life would be almost dead, and I believed that, until saturday.

Bob invited me to go out on the lake on a boat with Mr. Bob, Snippy and friends. I tried to make it on time desperately but you know with my lack of car situation begging my Mother for a ride can sometimes take some bribing, Yeah I feel like Im in middle school all over again. On a positive note I've yet to have her drop me off at the mall or movies for a date, haha.

I finally met Snippy at the HEB parking lot, she had just come out of the liquor store and bought a bottle of Captain Morgan's, a bottle which I planned on having no involvement with. Snippy and I arrived at the boat rental place and were informed by the "employee" taking her smoking break outside that it would be wiser if we walked down the massive, rocky, steep hill of death rather than wait for the golf cart which might take forever.

I expected to bust my ass and Im pretty sure I did few times, thank God that I was still sober at the time otherwise Im afraid that I would not be writing this blog at the moment but Im pretty sure I would have passed on to the next life. Snippy and I finally made it down the moutain of rock but not before being passed up by a golf cart which contained two boys that were probably around 8 or 10. Apparently that's why the golf cart took so long to pick its customers up.

Once on the boat we stripped down to our bikinis, Bob, Bob's co-worker and I sat up at the front. Not a good idea. Well unless you enjoy getting your ass smacked up and banged up by the incredibly bumpy, bouncy ride courtesy of Mr.Bob. I almost made it up there for the whole ride except for at one point I came close to flying out the boat and no Im not exaggerating at this point I had only had one beer, ok maybe two.

So the rest of the boat ride went like this:

Snippy takes shot of Captain Morgan's straight from the bottle.

Snippy does this again except for this time I take picture.

Snippy suggests I do the same and I do, only I don't make a face, yeah Im hard core like that.

Bob takes shot out of bottle.

Bob's co-worker takes shot out of bottle, spits it out.

Bob's male friend takes shot out of bottle.

Snippy takes shout out of bottle.

Emma takes shout out of bottle.

Snippy takes shout out of bottle, Snippy takes shout out of bottle, Snippy takes shout out of bottle and so on.

No Im not calling her a lush but did I mention that there were boats with monstorous speakers blaring Guns & Roses, Def Leppard, AC/DC etc? Well there were and the boats had hot men on them and well that made snippy kind of hot.

Ok so somehow we made it back on land, back to the car, back to Bob's and I made it to Bob's couch.

9:00 p.m. Bob informs me we have a B-Day party to attend dt, I have nothing to wear but it's a costume party and normally I would have still freaked out because I had nothing to wear but since I was already drunk and on the verge of a hangover I was ok with just wearing anything. I was pretty lame at the party because I developed a headache and it took me 2 hrs to finish one beer, it was lame. What was also lame is that the party was country club themed and most some people were way too comfortable in those clothes (not my type of crowd).

Snippy and I headed dt with everyone else and after 20 hrs of roaming around for parking we made it to the bar where I drank lots of rum and cokes, took two tequila shots, and bought everyone drinks at least that's how I explain my $60 tab. The music was awesome at Whisky Bar that night. Im pretty sure we danced to Sexy Back about three times among other things, and even though we left a little early Im pretty sure my one day of partying was three days of partying in one and that internet is what happens when you party with Bob.

I slept until noon got dropped off at home by Mr. Bob and Bob and I spent the whole day on the couch pigging out, it was awesome.

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