Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What's in a name?

I can't work in silence, therefore I always have yahoo radio playing while Im at work. Every once in a while I like to play the new artist channel and when there is a song I really like I'll write down the name and title of artist and look for more info and music from them. That's how I discovered Augustana.

The song that I heard was called, Boston:

I loved the song from the very beginning. The use of the piano in the melody give it a very light and distinct sound. They reminded me of coldplay a little bit with an edgier slightly harder sound at times. What really impacted me the most was one lyric of Boston because it described exactly what I was feeling at that moment in my life. The lyric was:

"I think I need a sunrise, I'm tired of the sunset."

As you have now figured out that's how I got the title and url for this blog. That simple quote just spoke very clearly and deeply to me. So I went out and bought their CD All the Stars and Boulevards.

Since then this CD has become one of my favorites and I still find myself putting it on repeat over and over again. They are very young musicians but they are extremely sincere when they write their music and we all know that finding depth in music is extremely hard these days. I found myself relating to their words and music from the very beginning. When I listen I feel as if Im experiencing the same emotions they were at that very moment when their fingers struck that guitar, drums or piano a little harder, rhougher or perhaps a little softer.

Augustana came to Austin during SXSW but I happened to be out of town when they played, I was extremely dissapointed but guess what?

They will be playing at the Parish on 6th tonight! Its $14 at the door and Im so incredibly excited to finally see them. If any of you guys would like to see them with me let me know, Id love your company. Although I warn you that Im totally going to geek out and it might not be pretty.

I know they're not big and they're not famous, but in case you didn't know I have an infatuation for dorks but most importantly for honest, talended and passionate people. These boys give me just that, so I will leave you with an excerpt of the bio they wrote on themselves:

...Some of us who started here years ago, are gone now...some of us are new here...some of us have lost loved ones in life, some of us are gaining new loved ones today...we've been in love, we've been loved...we've had our hearts broken, and in turn done the same to others...

...We're always on tour, we're always home...we get tired...we have good shows, we have bad shows...we drink, we smoke, we quit, we start again, we lie, we dance, we cheat, we're sorry, we're faithful, we have kids, we have girlfriends, we're single, we're married, we're lost, we're alone, we're finally happy, we're finally home...we smile, we cry, we live, and we'll die...but as long as you care to listen to what we have to sing and say, we promise we'll always give you all we have as people and musicians...and we'll see you all very soon...thank you for listening, goodnite...

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