Wednesday, August 02, 2006

13 Is the best age ever

Seriously. I know I didn't think 13 was that fabulous when I was actually 13. Let me tell you though last night I went back in time and became the giggly, won't stop talking, boy crazy girl who thinks rock-stars are the coolest thing alive all over again. Believe me internet, it was too fun for words. You too can experience this with the help of 5 beers, trust me its F-U-N FUN!

So yesterday I told you that I was going to go see Augustana and that I was totally going to geek out cause they're awesome and I got the name of this blog cause of them, and their music is awesome and blah blah blah.

First of all I had great company: Diana, Snippy, and beer. Trust me beer is very important in this story because apparently you see, I talk a lot . Actually according to Snippy, " Like, think about how much you think is a lot and then multiply it by 4,000 and that’s half as much as Emma talks. For real."

Well, take what Snippy said and mutliply it by like a million when I've had beer and THAT's how much I talked last night, I know, I know it's a concert but you don't understand how awesome last night was. First we get to the Parish and the doors aren't open. Diana and I are starving so we decided to go to Jazz's and sit down while we wait for the doors to open so we can buy tickets. Diana is on her cell next to me and I walk up to the bar not even looking to see if there is room for her, cause Im stupid like that and this shaggy guy in a cap and red shirt asks me, If I want him to move to the other side of the bar so Diana and I could sit together.

I of course told him, "No."
I explained to him, "That Im stupid and spaced out and I wasn't looking and that I would gladly sit at the part of the bar that had more then one stool."

The waitress says something to Shaggy about his tab and he says Im with the band and then I realized omg that guy IS in the band and omg he was so nice to me, and he talked to me and I want to do him and have his babies and all that other stuff.

So I tell Diana who is now off her cell phone that OMG, that guy is with the band. So she geeks out too and we make small talk with him and you guys don't understand he was SO NICE. He told us how much he liked Austin how Austin was so much better than Dallas and I of course start telling him how much I love their music. Even better I told him that omg I write this stupid blog and that I got the title of it from their lyrics of Boston, cause that's my favorite song of theirs. I know, I know BUT I told you guys I was going to geek out. So I told him the title of my blog and don't worry I omitted the because I really don't want him to read this. Not that he would but anyway.

At this point one of the guys that works in the restaurant informs us that the show is sold out so I of course freak out, because you DON'T UNDERSTAND I HAVE TO SEE THIS BAND. The waitress hears me freaking out and informs me that she's going to find out what she can do because I mean we're sitting with the keyboardist and well we should get to see the show. So our waitress informs us that she went to the guy at the door and she got us on the list so we could see the show for FREE! I mean I was contemplating how exactly I was going to present my indecent proposal to the keyboardist so I could get in, but don't worry internet I didn't have to prostitute myself.

Yes, this is going to be a long blog. So sit tight, or you know don't read it, whatever.

Well, we got on the list but it was only for two and since Snippy was coming I went outside 10 before 8 to get her a ticket because the manager of the Parish informed me that there were plenty of tickets left. While standing in line I managed to make friends with a very nice girl named Courtney who happened to be a stewardess and her pilot friend John who happened to be very hot. Did I mention that he was a pilot? She was talking about how awesome the band was, and how great her job was and I was pretending to pay attention. Only I was really just trying to see if her and the pilot were together and I say they weren't so I was automatically in love. Panama who?

I got the ticket and went back to Diana to eat at which point Snippy shows up and I start talking and talking and talking about everything that just happened. I have another beer and then Snippy decides that Im crazy. Im not gonna deny it.

We finally made it up to the Parish and the opening act haven't started yet and it was already 9:15 p.m.
So I introduced Diana and Snippy to my new friend and I continued to try and figure out if Pilot was with Stewardess. Diana got a vibe that they were but I still say no they weren't together. So the opening act went up and they were good and I found out that the bar had my favorite beer, Sierra Nevada, so I managed to have two more plus a corona before that.

Augustana finally came on and they were beyond amazing or at least the first part of it was because I didn't really hear the rest, but only because apparently I like to hear myself talk more.

See this is what happened:

Diana tells me that she sees Pilot standing all by himself in the back and I think that's totally awesome cause this is my chance to be able to join the mile high club in the actual pilot's cabin. So after I smoothly make a stop at the bathroom I went and stood right next to Pilot and said, "Hey why are you standing all by yourself over here?"

Pilot then says, "Actually, this is my friend right over here."
So I say, "Oh that's nice Pilot." Only at this point I actually looked at Pilots face and realized that, OMG THIS GUY ISN'T PILOT!
I know you're thinking this is what happens when you drink and this type of thing only happens to me but damn. Diana pointed him out and she only had two beers and I had five so Im excused. Seriously though this guy was kinda short too just like pilot, he had short dark hair just like pilot and he was wearing THE EXACT SAME THING that pilot was wearing. I mean he even had the same flip flops as Pilot.

So here I am in this dilemma of how do I walk away? What do I say? Do I act cool and not tell him how big of a dumbass I was?

Then I decided that you know what? This guy that isn't Pilot is kind of cute so I decide to tell him the whole I thought you were Pilot story. I kept on telling him that seriously, I didn't mean to hit on him and that I really thought he was pilot. At first I think he might have been a little offended, or just didn't believe me. So I offered of course to buy him a beer cause Im a dumbass.

So we got the beer and we stayed at the end of the bar away from the show, with Augustana playing in the background. I talked and talked and talked. I found out so much about him in that 30 mins we were talking, he's from California, he just moved to Austin, he loves it here, he went to UCLA, lives in South Austin and he's smart. The guy had books in the bar! He didn't mean to bring them but they just happened to walk by and they wanted to check out the band, so he didn't have anywhere to put his books. I like this guy. Now remember how I said that I had 5 beers? Well Im pretty sure the one I had with him makes six and honestly I know I talked WAY TOO MUCH to this guy. However, he gave me his number and now I have to wait to call him, so we'll see.

Honestly though, how awesome was my night? So perhaps my new tales will include Cali and not Panama. Cause really Im done with Panama, boys south of the border just plain piss me off. Cali's Mom is from spain though so we're not leaving the spanish culture completely behind. Yes I might be in love with another boy, I mean I know you think Im stupid because that's three boys in one night plus an entire band. But man I was 13 last night!

The moral of the story: 13 wasn't that much fun because when I was actually 13 I never had 6 beers in me.

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velvetsaje said...

You go through boys faster than I do. Seriously.