Thursday, August 03, 2006

From the bottom of my heart

My Dad called me yesterday afternoon to tell me he couldn't pick me up because he just had, "A pretty bad wreck."

I was so scared cause he sounded so shaken, nervous, choked up, and he was mumbling everything and couldn't say or understand much. He just said that it was pretty bad, he was ok and that he wasn't sure if someone else was hurt but the cops were on the way. My heart dropped to my stomach.

This is why I hate driving. A little over a couple of years ago my little Brother was involved in a drunk driving accident. This was no little accident but one that ended up shattering two families not to mention two bright futures, friends, and a whole community. One of my Brother's friends passed away due to the accident, he died instantly.

With that accident our lives changed completely, and if I could get one message out to the world is drinking and driving is SERIOUSLY not worth it. Believe me drinking and driving changes the world, maybe not the whole world, but someone's world. Sometimes someone's world is way more important than the entire BIG one. Because of that accident one world lacks a son, brother, grandchild, cousin, boyfriend and friend.

Do you know how powerful God is? Im not a bible beater or religious by any means. However, no one in this entire universe could convice me that God doesn't exist. In that accident there was supposed to be two lives lost and I know it was our prayers to God and his endless mercy that my brother is with us today. The road wasn't easy, he endured countless surgeries, was in the hospital far too long and has to deal with the law. He is scarred all over, but he's alive. He is doing great, has no complications, is doing well in school and has a great job. If that's not God then I don't know what is.

We don't deserve the mercy and miracles that God has given us. My entire family would give every single one of our lives if we could have Matt back with us, if it would take away one single ounce of pain that his family feels. We have become so incredibly close through all of this and that is a blessing in disguise. Our love for one another is beautiful, it's priceless.

As hard as times like those may seem it's amazing to discover just how much you love someone. The moment I got the phone call that my brother was in surgery I asked God to please let him live and take my life if he wanted. We all would have given up everything to have him with us, we weren't ready to let go. No one is ever ready to let go but we were extremely blessed that God wasn't ready to receive my brother either.

You know they say time heals all wounds, but I don't believe it. I think time makes you hide them a little better, but these type of wounds never heal. Ask my Brother or Matt's family.

All I have left to say in regards to that is:

Thank you God for your endless love, protection and mercy over my family and all my loved ones. Thank you for taking care of my Daddy and the driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident yesterday.

Thank you Mom, Dad, Pamela, Billy, Emilio and Shaun because without you guys I would find it very hard to wake up every morning. You, my family, are my world. You're my heart and soul. I would give every ounce of me if that's what it would take for you guys to never hurt.

Thank you Huss family for your kindness, unconditional love, and support you have given my brother and family despite all your grief. God has angels on earth and you are among them.

Matt, although you were taken from this earth way too soon God has received a beautiful soul in heaven. I pray for you and your family every day.

Thank you to the rest of my family and friends. You make my world an amazing one. The smiles, laughter and love you bring into my life are priceless and I will treasure every single one of them forever.

Thank you Snippy from the bottom of my heart for picking me up yesterday.

I just woke up today and felt like I needed to say thank you for a lot, so thank you.

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Snippy said...

You just made me cry.
I didn't think anything of giving you a ride. That's what friends are for. Thank you for appreciating me. :) You've just made my day.
I'm glad you're dad's ok.