Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Good Things

I get to plan an event for work. Anything I want, to reward our employees. Im going to use most of the budget on booze, our company is very booze friendly. Amen.

Open bar tomorrow people,OPEN Bar. As in I can have all the alcohol I want, as in Emma will be drunk, as in Emma will be REALLY drunk. As in expect a good blog on Thursday.

Im going to purchase a hot new dress for the open bar event tomorrow. Bob is also getting a hot new dress, we're shopping together.

Good thing count:
Party for work.
Anything I want.
Im going to make sure there is plenty of booze.
Half day off work included.
Open Bar.
Open Bar.
Open Bar.
Hot new dress for me.
Hot new dress for Bob.
Shopping with Bob.
Spending time with Bob, Mr. Bob and Snippy tomorrow.
Spending time with Bob, Mr. Bob and Snippy tomorrow at an open bar. (we've done this at Bob's Wedding, it got crazy. Oh and this time Bob will be able to really get down cause she isn't going to have an 800 pound dress on her. There will also be no crazy mother in laws there.)
Open bar.


Snippy said...

SLOW DOWN, chica. Open bar UNTIL we run out of 900 drinks. Please save some for the other guests. If we run our tab up to the limit in one hour, I'm going to be upset.

velvetsaje said...

It's a good thing I won't be there cause lord knows I could do that in less than an hour...

CK said...

Run out? Snippy's famous last words...