Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Yeah that man touched Mommy's boob once

Austin came in at #5 on the list of America's most educated cities:

City, in order of education rank
Percent of population with college degree or higher
edian household income

1. Seattle, WA 52.7

2. San Francisco, CA 50.1

3. Raleigh, NC 50.1

4. Washington, DC 45.3

5. Austin, TX 44.1

Earlier in the year we also placed #5 in the list for Drunkest Cities in the U.S.

Now if you've ever partied in Austin you know those two results sum up the atmosphere really well, because in a bar in Austin chances are the guy that is SUPER wasted and trying to feel you up is a genius rocket scientist or a future president of the U.S.

I love this city. I mean seriously not everyone will have the privilidge of telling their kids that once before they ripped Mommy's vagina open Mommy had a life, and that in that life Mommy had a lot of fun getting drunk and being slutty. One time Mommy met a young man, and the young man was really drunk. Mommy and the young man took shots of Patron, booty danced all while the young man had his hands all over Mommy's breasts, and now that young man is The President of this tiny little country we call the U.S.

Yeah, Id make the best Mommy ever.

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slopmaster said...

I hope to make out with your daughter one day.

If you're having trouble being slutty and drunk lately, maybe you can share one of your past stories... Do you have a best drunk story ever? I'm sure you do. I'll share mine if you share yours.