Tuesday, November 07, 2006


She said:

You should have stayed up late just to entertain me :)

No Im not drunk.

He said:

i'm sorry your entertainment monkey wasn't available for you at your your beckoning call haha. you weren't drunk? sure? ;) talk to ya later.

She said:

You're my personal entertainment monkey? Im such a lucky girl, especially since you're so cute. Way cuter than any other entertainment monkey I've ever seen, and you're mine. So lucky ;)

and no, not drunk, i havent had alcohol in 42 days, and no Im not counting

He said:

You have no idea ;)

She said:


He said:

nice one, you're good! hah

She said:

Yeah, well. What can I say? Im awesome.

He said:

damn right.

Did you hear that internet? Dentist (the hottest man alive) doesn't just agree that I'm awesome he said damn right, I'm awesome!

And really I am, no one else interrupts him in between countless hours of studying. Just me! Just to tell him that Im bored and to shamelessly flirt with him. I boost his ego A LOT so how can he not think Im awesome? I also happen to be an individual with a vagina that will talk sports and also enjoys all the HARD rock bands that he likes. Sports: AWESOME. HARD rock: AWESOME. Vagina: DAMN AWESOME.

Ok enough of praising me, but seriously internet I looked for hours on-line to find a monkey graphic that would fit his personality and send it to him. I looked for HOURS and I found the perfect monkey. PERFECT. Cause I want to get in his pants so bad care that much.

And that ladies, that is how you rope a man. Well, when he's far away. There is a much sluttier easier, much more fun way to rope in a man. I don't care what anyone says, it works! However that requires his presence and that is also a lesson for another day.

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slopmaster said...

those are all great things you have going for yourself. Looks like you already have him roped in, although, if he's a dentist, he's probably smart enough to keep you THINKING you have him roped in... along with a few others.