Monday, November 06, 2006

Let me lay it out for you

Here's what is going on with the boys.

Im still talking to Dentist on a daily basis, mostly over instant messenger or myspace. He's still the fucking hottest thing ever, we are still planning on hanging out when he comes home for Christmas.

Now in between trying to forget about Midland I ended up building a frienship with him again. We manage to have a heart to heart at least twice a week and well it's getting a little less complicated every time. The boy doesn't want to admit he's in love with me because he's afraid of getting hurt. I realize that I have to gain his trust back and I also realize it's no easy thing. Things have been going extremely well lately and we're making each other laugh again. It feels good, but Im still guarding my heart. No worries.

Ok the stupid loser who rejected me is still being a stupid loser. Now it turns out TWO of his roomates are in love with me, so that's why he can't hang out with me. HE still thinks Im hot, I still think he's a douche bag. He's a super cute douche bag, a douche bag who plays the guitar which makes him HOT. Damn him for having every single thing I find irresistible in a man, but for now Im not talking to him or his roomates.

So that's the boy situation in a nutshell. Still single, but not confused. Just waiting patiently to see what happens.

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