Friday, November 03, 2006

I stand alone

I've been browing nablopomo randomizer pretty frequently, in hopes of stumbling across a few good reads. First of all that thing is spitting out a lot of the same blogs to me, psssh, and second nothing has really popped out at me.

Now see here is the thing,I am not saying that there aren't any good blogs out there, or that everyone's writing sucks. I have stumbled on some amazing writers, their words are beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful and deep. However that's not really speaking to me right now.

Also not speaking to me at the moment are Mommy bloggers. I swear there must be a law out there that states, "If your vagina has popped out a kid, you must create a blog and in this blog you will talk about how cute, mischevious and weird your kids are, you will also post a million pictures of them, ALL THE TIME."

Now don't get me wrong I love reading the Mommy bloggers, they write some pretty funny shit and their kids are sometimes cute but well I'm sorry I can't relate. The fact that I've never had my vagina ripped open makes me unable to relate to all that cuteness, and love. Well, frankly I don't want to relate to it right now.

All Im saying that is out of hundreds of thousands of blogs there has to be a couple of them out there who don't mention kids or make me want to vomit with cuteness, love, and all things butterflies, clouds, rainbows and lady bugs. I've been in an extremely bitchy mood lately and I just want to know that there are others just as bitter as me. I want to feed my bitchyness.

I also want to live through others as they write about their drunkeness, sluttiness, and stupidness. I mean seriously, someone out there has to be sinning but Im thinking that people on the internet well they don't have the balls to admit to those things.

So if you're reading this and you can point me over to some blogs that might interest me leave me a comment. I have faith in you internet after all we can't leave everything slutty, drunk, and stupid up to me. I've been doing a shitty job of doing those things lately. Although, Im thinking that those bloggers well they might be too hungover or in someone else's bed therefore they're unable to share.

Im jealous, really jealous.


Tbone Stallone said...

I second the mommy blogger rant.
If you havent already, check out I dig Hootch and Cootch, its updated a few days at a time, but pretty much always comes corect.

Cat said...

I'm drunk right now. I've been trying to comment but I can't because of the word verification...

Emma said...



You do realize you're like right next door to me, my day is going so bad right now I would accept an invitation to walk over to your apt and get hammered with you.

Stuntmother said...

Ah. Well, after a very fierce love affair and sudden disillusionment (although I keep coming back for more) with the randomizer, I had much the same starting point for a rant, but ended up somewhere different. Thus the infinite variety of the human population is celebrated.

And yah, speaking as one who has had her vagina ripped open more than once, while some Mommy bloggers are dull, so are some non-mommy bloggers. It's not your fault if another blogger is not in the mood for what you write and not a parent blogger's fault if you don't want to read about their stuff.

Which is more or less what you said and a very long winded way of saying that I got nothin' to help you out. Sorry.

Have fun with NaBloPoMo.

Keltie said...

I'm getting a bit fed up with getting bounced around the same twenty or so blogs on the randomizer myself. It did bring me to your blog, but why does it show me the same one thirty times a day and mine hasn't shown up yet?

I'm not a mommyblogger. I'll read yours if you'll read mine. ;)

taiber 5 said...

hey at least your fucking blog is on the mother fucking randomizer. i'm not even on the mother fucking list, motherfucker!

i'm a mom who blogs, blogs about her insanely cute kids, and likes to swear but fear i can't (you can read MY BLOG about that one) on my blog. i like swearing, ween, and other facetious shit mom's aren't supposed to like.

the mommy shit can pass as long as it's eloquently written, no?

Cat said...

hey, it's almost the end of better hurry up and blog!

Snippy said...

That's what I was about to say! Only 2.5 hours left of Saturday. . . I'm going to laugh if you get booted in the first week! :PPP

canadian sadie said...


*snicker* I'm so freaking white. However, I still agree that if I read one more word about shitty diapers and playing shy...I'm going to have to stop my RSS feed from that cheap-ass porn site!

Glad I found you.