Thursday, November 09, 2006


"So how's Mike?"

"Mike died."


"He died of a brain tumor this past May."

"I'm so sorry."

"It was horrible, they have give 14 months to live but he died in 9."

Mike was someone who I worked with about three years ago. Mike was older than me, 55 but he was someone who I enjoyed talking to. Mike was a ladies man, a blunt man, a lonely man. I always had a feeling of sadness for Mike, because he always seemed so alone. He went home to an empty apartment and wasn't close to his family.

Mike was in a long term relationship of 15 years with Dr. Z, our boss. They had a very disfunctional relationship and fought in front of me many times, it was uncomfortable and sad. The very odd thing is that they took care of each other, despite the fact that he had cheated on her and left her. They took comfort in each other and got past the negative to live a better live with each other in it.

Dr. Z took care of Mike the entire time he was sick. Dr. Z payed for all of Mike's medical expenses, he didn't have insurance and today she told me, " I wish I could have done more for him."

She cried and I just hugged her, not saying a word.

Dr. Z did more than most people ever would. He wasn't her husband not even a friend, he was her employee. However, she was there when it really mattered. She fought to give him every chance to live when she didn't have to.

I will pray for Mike and Dr. Z tonight, because no one in this world deserves to feel alone. Im very sad that I never had the opportunity to say bye to Mike, to see him one last time. That is life. You never know. I hope he didn't feel so alone when he left.


Snippy said...

FUCK, Em. That certainly doesn't make me feel better about being single. . . BOOO to this post!

slopmaster said...

everyone, even sorry sacks asshole poser snobby losers LOONNGG for affection and friendship. That's all people want in this world, and we somehow build walls to make it more difficult for ourselves.

Tbone Stallone said...

Great Post, bob when they think you're gonna weave, keeps this blog worth revisiting.

Jonathan said...

Wonderful post. Sounds like somebody I used to know.

Great blog btw.