Friday, November 17, 2006

What I came up with because I have nothing to write about

My Ipod is on Shuffle will listen to five songs and tell you the first thought that pops into my head when I hear them:

#1)Tiziano Ferro- Perdona

1st thought: Davide- The Italian

Tiziano Ferro is a famous Italian artist, he also sings in Spanish. He is one of my favorites, Italian boy liked him too, he sang this song to me in Italian once.

#2) Daddy Yankee- Lo Que Paso, Paso Bachata/Salsa Remix

1st thought: Winter 2005

Endless partying with my cousin last winter, that was our favorite CD and we would play it while getting ready to go out and in the car. This was my favorite song out of the CD.

#3) The Police- Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

1st thought: My ex, Jon.

This was our song. He picked it, cheesy, cheesy, cheesy but cute.

#4) Juanes- Para Tu Amor

1st thought: I want a boyfriend.

This is the sweetest song ever, I want to meet a guy that feels exactly what the song says for me.

#5)R. Kelly- Ignition Remix

1st thought: Perfect!

It's 4:51 and I'm leaving work.

It's the freakin weekend Baby I'm about to have me some fun.

Im actually being social tonight. Woohoo.

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