Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I can't keep promises

I know I said that I was going to tell you all about why yesterday was such a bad day, and I would but I can't. There are things going on right now that I need to keep my mouth shut about until they are resolved.

I hope to have everything resolved tomorrow. I'm scared because I don't know how strong I can be but I know that I have to stand up for myself. I need to stop caring about others when they just don't care about me.

Too many times I watch out for the well being of others and forget my own. I can't continue to do that anymore. If they want me to care about them then I need for them to show me they care about me. I'm not going to take it anymore, things have got to change.


slopmaster said...

Word. kick the grilled chicken to the curb and get with a winner.

Snippy said...

Man. It SUCKS to not be able to blog about something. BELIEVE ME, I KNOW. @W#%^Y#$%&*$%^*U#$%@#$% It's infuriating. I'm thinking about you and hoping you find some solace. . . and if you DON'T, you know I'm always up for drinking!

Tbone Stallone said...

Dont fuck around with people whou fuck around with you, High School is over sug.

Sorry bout Texas, I almost jumped off an overpass.