Thursday, July 13, 2006

Why I love My Friends

Santi suggested we go check out Blues On The Green at Zilker Park.
Bob picked me up at work due to my lack of car situation.
Mr.Bob converted master bedroom into a sweet media room.
Bob let me borrow a tank top and flip flops so I didn't have to go to BOTG in heels.
Bob gave me beer.
Calling Santi at some person's cell phone over and over again to try and get directions to BOTG.
Santi slurring so much I can't understand him.
Snippy came back from her trip looking hot. (Yeah, I said it again!)
Drinking 3 beers at Bob's place, one in Bob's car and one courtesey of Bob at BOTG.
Bob gets me drunk :)
Snippy tells me to shut up, or stop saying that a lot, but I keep on saying it anyway. She puts up with it.
Bob reminding me of my illness before I picked up my cell to call Panama.
We talk about boobs a lot.
Santi scared Panama with his posse of gay men.
Bob and Snippy made me ask this guy if his great dane was a great dane.
Bob and Snippy make me go as the guy with the great dane if the great dane was mixed.
Bob calls out "French Boy" on not being French.
Seeing gay drama out the corner of my eye.
Bob offering to put Panama's bike in the back of her car.
Santi actually can manage to make Panama think he is trying to hook up with Bob.
How I can walk up to them and loudly announce that Panama and I are having dinner and lots of hot sex tomorrow.
All of them making fun, epxressing opinions about how truly smitten I am of Panama.
Calling Arlette right after to tell her all about my wonderful night.
Walking into Trudys to see Luis and not having to wait for a table.
Having Santi call me drunk and fat a million times during dinner, ok wait that should be on the why I hate my friends list. (jk Bitch, I love you.)
Mexican Martinis taste a lot better when you're sharing them with Bob, Mr. Bob, Santi and Snippy.
Bob drove me home.
Even better, soon we'll be playing kickball on a team, Team Ramrod. Even better, lots of drinking after kick ball.
Calling Arlette when I get home so we can finish talking about how she needs to just say no to that guy, how Panama is taking me out to dinner tonight, and about how she should come home like today.

I love you guys!

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