Friday, July 07, 2006

Im Sick

I have a rare illness. The condition is extremely far advanced the chances of me coming out of this normal is pretty slim. Chances are this condition will most likely continue to affect me for the rest of my life, the few options that are available have only about a 20% of success in curing me. Most of them I am not a candidate for.

Option 1: Stop consuming any alcohol. Now I've attempted this before and the most I've ever lasted is a couple of weeks, also this illness will most likely continue even if I stop the consumption of alcohol. Therefore I have chosen to continue to drink.

Option 2: Shock therapy. Most likely the option I will choose.

Option 3: This is the most gruesome and painful. It is so severe that this would bring me to handicap level and I would no longer be able to perform every day tasks, I would have to adjust to a completely different lifestyle. This option is to have my hands and feet amputated. I will most likely not go with this option.

Option 4: This option is virtually impossible to do as this would cut me off from all my friends and I would no longer be able perform my job. I will not be choosing this option, I have been addicted to this particular thing since I was a young teen in middle school and ever since then there hasn't been a day in my life that I haven't used the telephone. That's right one of the options is to never, ever touch or use a telephone ever gain. I would have to have all types of telephones removed from my presence and reach.

Option 5: Is to no longer pursue men. I will not be able to go with this option for sure. Men are just too hot and I need sex.

You see my friends I have been diagnosed by Arlette as a Dialer. Hello my name is Emma and I am a dialer. Im a rare kind of dialer, most dialers aren't only affected by the influence of alcohol. I am a sober dialer and a drunk dialer. I just can't leave it alone. I just can't stop thinking about it. I have to have reassurance and resolution always. If I don't I will have anxiety attacks, convulsions and highly likely to blow up the entire universe.

I called him, I was supposed to wait until sunday if I was to even call him at all. I couldn't even make it one day. Who wants to volunteer to keep my phone for the weekend or the rest of my life?

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