Monday, July 10, 2006

Weekend Recap July 7th-9th


The plan was to meet up with all the latin boys, Arlette and I were looking way too hot. We went to 6th and passed by Spill and told the guys at the door that no, we weren't going in. However they said free drink, and next thing you know we're at the bar. We danced long enough to finish the drink and headed over to meet Victor at Bling Pig. I saw some people from hs, and I just have issues with people from hs. Most of them are still stuck there, and mentally I left high school sophomore year into it. It was good to catch up with Victor and hear about his trip to Mexico and Cuba. Arlette and I left to go to Aquarium and I ended up running into someone else from hs, he was with his new gf so we talked to them for a few minutes. We also saw the most disgusting thing ever, and all I have to say is that I love free alcohol as much as the next person but there are some people that just go way too far for free booze. We saw a bachelorette party, the bachelorette gets on her knees on the bar and her friend stands abover her with a dildo in bj position. Bride to be sucks it and Arlette and I want to puke. My friend tells me that the bartender told him that they wash that thing at the end of the night but not in between, gross. So not only do you humiliate yourself in front of a bar you could most likely end up with some nasty disease from sucking on that thing. The best part about Friday night is that I didn't end up spending a single dollar since it seems everywhere I went the drinks were on the house, it seems that I have found my new dt outfit. The bad part about that night, bouncers were being assholes. I just don't deal with assholes, you know if you want to give me a hard time about coming into your stupid ass bar Im just not going to go in there. Im not gonna be the girl that begs and Im most definitely not going to enter that bar to pay for overpriced drinks that will cover your shitty ass paycheck. I got in a bad mood pretty quickly, I was drunk, sad, and for some reason I just wanted to see that Panamanian boy. So you know what happens next, my illness struck and this attack was pretty severe. I called him not once, but twice, he never answered. To make it worse I called again when I made it home and still no luck. I made myself feel better that night, not something I should have done cause I felt even shittier after.


I woke up only to remember my drunk dialing, realized that I had acted completely psycho and totally wanted to shoot myself. I went and ruined a perfectly good change to get to know a guy. Arlette had called and texted me a million times after 2 a.m. on Friday apparently the guys had called and wanted us to after party with them, I was kind of glad I missed those calls cause I was so embarrased and didn't want to see Panama for anything in this world. I still managed to place another phone call that afternoon and left a message apologizing for the night before, Im telling you I just can't leave shit alone. I even pondered not going out at all but it was Melinda's Bday celebration and I had known about it forever and I just couldn't skip it. Arlette and I made our way dt and she had her heart on seeing the guys, I told her that I could have done without that. I just didn't want to risk the chance of seeing Panama. Arlette managed to make me feel better by telling me that he probably wouldn't even be there because she didn't think that he hung out with the other guys that often and that if I did see him just act cool and pay no attention to him. We hung out with Melinda her husband and friends at Logans. It was really low key, fun and Melinda looked absolutely stunning. We then headed to Vicci sure we'd run into the guys there, I was really nervous and it was kind of nice when we didn't end up running into them. We managed to get into VIP cause I saw one of Colombian's friends there. Vicci was not up to its potential that night, or maybe it was the lack of alcohol in my system. Arletted texted Memo and he didn't answer, I was happy, she wasn't. As soon as the techno came on we left Vicci and as we were walking to the car Memo finally texted and asked Arlette what we were doing. Arlette told her we were leaving Vicci and he asked us to come to the after party. I was already nervous and didn't want to go. The thought of seeing Panama made me sick to my stomach but Arlette was sure he wasn't there. So we're on the phone with Memo and as soon as we hit 29th street this car starts flashing its lights at us, it drives up and it was them. I wasn't paying much attention to them as I was freshening up but Arlette says, "Emma omg, he's in the back."

I had a panic attack and I chugged the entire mixture of Vodka and red liquid that was in Arlette's Car. As we pulled up to the gas station we saw each other and he waved, I waved back and then I wanted to puke. So there I was having my little fit in the car and I decided that I would just after party by myself in the car, but Arlette didn't let me. We all walked into James' apt together and he had of course said hi and kissed my cheek by this time, he was totally nice and cool, I was falling apart inside but acted calmly. As we're walking up I was telling Arlette about how pissed I was the my $80 shirt sucked because the buttons would always pop open. So of course he hears this and mentions that its a good thing. I started to feel better cause he was flirting and that was nice. James was already in the apt making drinks. So I take one of the fruity drinks he mixed and Panama comes over and starts talking to me. We made small talk, mostly about how our week went. He informed me that he was finally feeling a lot better, that he had gone to see Pirates of the Carribean the night before that he didn't go out. I know he was saying all these things to make me feel better. Then he asks me what happened the night before and as I almost spit my drink right in front of him and die of humiliation I say, " I was drunk, " and he just says, "Oh yeah well I didn't go out last night, sorry."

He then asked to have a taste of my drink and he pulled something out of his mouth and said, "James there is plastic in this drink." Panama tells me to stop drinking it and of course I say no. You don't waste perfectly good alcohol a little plastic never killed anyone. At this time one of the other guys asked me to dance, so I did and well at this point he had started talking to some skinny ass bitch, yeah I got a little jealous, haha. So Im enjoying the dance and all of a sudden he starts dancing with her, I was crushed but I tried not to act like it. After the dance we both made our way into the very crowded kitchen and Memo and Arlette are having a conversation.

Memo: White girls are better at sex.
Arlette: Whatever.
Me: I could see that, just cause they are more open and liberated about sex. In hispanic countries sex is so taboo.
Memo: Exactly.
Arlette: Well white guys have bigger penises than hispanic men.
Every guy in the room: Mierda, that's not true.
Me: No its true, believe me, I have a theory.
Panama: I don't think so, we can prove you wrong right now.
Me: Maybe later.

Everything about that night was hot, it was just so damn steamy in there. I loved it. I danced with Panama all night after that, he also proceeded to be very affectionate in front of his friends. It was sweet. He held my hand, grabbed my waist, hugged me, we cuddled, I sat on his lap, put my head against his chest he only tried to kiss me once and I didn't let him. It was really nice, the conversation was good, the dancing was great, and the affection was even better. At about 5 a.m. he offered to take me home even though it was way out of his way, but he said he lived closed by and we pretty much both new that well he wouldn't take me home until the next morning. He pinky sweared that he wouldn't do anything that night and I agreed to going along with it. Im not going to go into any more details of the night, however let's just say that things got a little out of control. Not with me, I was surprisingly good. Let's just say the quote of the night was when I said, "Arlette how much plastic did you drink?"

He kept his promise. There wasn't a point at all were we didn't cuddle, I gave in and gave him a kiss. Im falling for him hard.


Sunday morning was even more wonderful ;)
He took me home after buying me breakfast since I didn't want to go in public in his t-shirt, my skirt and my heels. The whole drive home he was still being affectionate and invited me to go watch the world cup game with him. I really couldn't believe that he wanted to see me again that same day. I didn't end up going to Ringers to watch the game but we did have a post game bbq invite and I was sure I would see him there. When we got to the BBQ he wasn't there, and I was pretty dissapointed. Five minutes into it, my phone rings. I didn't think anything of it but the screen all of a sudden said, "Llamando: Ismael."
I had to keep my self from screaming, I was in front of all his friends. So he asks me where I ended up watching the game and I told him at home, and he said he couldn't get in at ringers so he did the same. I asked him what he was doing and said that he was on his way to Killeen to pick up his Mom who was visiting and bringing her back to Austin so she could spend a couple of days with him. I was a little bummed out that I wasn't going to see him, and Im pretty sure I won't see him until his Mother leaves. I respect his time with his Mom and I don't want to interrupt that. Im also going to wait until he calls and even though it sucked that I didn't get to see him, Im super excited that he did call. The very same day! I might be falling a bit hard here, but I don't care. This feels wonderful, the butterflies are present and I haven't had them in a long time, Im going to enjoy them. I know for sure I'll see him sat at the big party the boys are throwing. So ladies next saturday there will be a party with a lot of hot latin boys, there will be alcohol and lots of dancing. Join us!

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