Thursday, July 06, 2006

Google AdSense You Know Me Too Well

Google AdSense is really trying to tell me something. The ads from Google AdSense cracked me up today. Here is what they have to say or suggest to those who read my blog:
Inside A Boyfriends Mind10 Free Secrets On Men & Commitment To Keep Relationships & Love Alive
Single in Austin?Meet quality Austin Singles Parties, Trips and Introductions

You see AdSense Im pretty sure that those links aren't really helpful to anyone else but me. First of all I have maybe three readers: Bob, who has a Mr. Bob so she obviously already knows how to keep a man around and obviously in no need to meet any single men. There is Snippy who is far more experienced than any of us as far as relationships go and who is dealing with Lucky drama at the moment among other things. You might think that those links would be helpful to Santi however that boy is beyond help some sluts can't be tamed. (I love you)

So you see AdSense was totally speaking to me. However when I signed up for AdSense they somehow discovered my master scheme to become a millionaire. I figured since I only have three readers and they are obviously not going to click on the ads Id click on the ads myself, all day long, like that would be my full time job. Slowly by surely the clicks would add up and AdSense would send me a check for a million dollars. AdSense somehow found out about my master plan and made me promise I wouldn't click on any of the ad links on my blog. So AdSense you're the devil because not only do I have to remain a lowly working class citizen, you have also given me the solution to my relationship or lack of problems but you forbid me to click on that damn link to find out just how I go about doing that. Google AdSense I hate you.

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I love you too bitch