Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I Guess Its That Time

Time for the long weekend recap. Here is what I can remember. Lots and lots of alcohol. Nothing I write could do justice to the amount of alcohol that was consumed this weekend, it was A LOT.

Downtown with Arlette. She suggests going to Foundation, I hate it, but Im nice and I went. Thank you Arlette! We saw Memo (Honduras) there, he introduced us to this guy whose name we don't remember because he was ugly (Mexico), Matt (USA) who I had already met before and James (Panama) introduced himself to me. James is gorgeous, beautiful face, beautiful hair, beautiful flirty personality. He was heavily flirting with me, score. So James, guy who we don't remember, Arlette and I decided we wanted to do some dancing. Memo and the rest of the guys stay there because he's trying to get some Gringa ass, some ugly Gringas ass, but anyway. On the way there more heavy flirting from James. I go up to the bar at Spill and as I am ordering drinks James is grabbing my waist and rubbing his manhood on my ass. His manhood was awake too. Arlette is so proud of me cause he is HOT. So yes I let him rub up all against me cause was hot, I know its slutty but I don't care. I told you I was going to be really really bad. Then guess what happens? Remember the guy who I danced at Vicci the previous sat, the Honduran guy who didn't leave me alone? Well he was there and asks me to dance, AGAIN. So Im nice (so rare, I know) and I did, plus I had to show James I had other options. So he proceeds to tell me that he has not been able to get me off his mind all week, and then I realize I need to go cause I don't want to give that guy my number. So I go back to Arlette and the boys.

Arlette: He's got a gf.
Me: Who?
Arlette: James.
Me: What?
Arlette: Yeah he says he is faithful.
Me: Did you see how he was grabbing me and dancing with me?
Arlette: Um, YES. Slut.

So then we get a call from Memo that we have to head to the after party at James' place like NOW because the stupid gringa had busted ass. I said ok we can leave but lets eat, cause I am starving.

Now the following was said in spanish but I'll be nice and write in English, I can't believe Im being nice again.

James: Do you always let guys rub up against your ass like that?
Me in my head: Omg he's calling me out on this shit, when HE was the one bedhind my ass.
Me: Yes.
Me in my head: That's not true, but why bother explaining that to him?
James: That's dirty.
Me: You're dirty.

We arrive at Taco Cabana and I notice that we have 15 mins let of drinking time and I order a Margarita. Yummy. It was so good. We all sit down to eat and then a tall, dark, and handsome man strolls in. Says hello to James. His name is Ismael (Panama). The whole time we're eating James is on the phone with his gf, this guy was wooped beyond belief. I have to give mad props to his gf cause how she has such a gorgeous guy wooped is way beyond me. We arrived at James' and he dissappears.

Everyone: Where is James.
Ismael: He walked to his gf's place.
Everyone: Wow, wooped.

So the usual went on, shots of gross liquor and dancing.
We decided to head out and the guys walk us out. As we are leaving Ismael asks me what we are doing tomorrow, so I invite him to float the river with us the next day. He can't because he was going to watch the soccer games with the boys, so I say ok and walk away.

Ismael: Well let me have your number just in case.
Me in my head: Omg breaking my streak was the best thing that could have happened to help me out with the guys.

So Im now attracted to hispanic man, I know I can't believe it either. So far I know that he is from Panama, 25, graduated from UT (I forgot his degree), has a job (I forgot what he does), and drives a Ford Focus (haha).

It was a good night.

Arlette and I loaded up on Vodka and Bacardi and headed for New Braunsfels to float the river. It was raining lightly but we didn't let that stop us, it was really relaxing and it made for really great sex talk girl talk. I will not say exactly what was said because I don't want to give guys a chance to really know what women talk about. I will say however that my little pep talk did a lot of good and I am that little devil on Arlette's shoulder. After the river I called my ex bf in San Antonio who assured me that we could spend the night at his place, and well he backed out again for the second time. I got pissed off and called him out on it, even though he claims it really wasn't his fault that he miracously lost his keys and his roomate was in Austin. Yeah sure, just how he got in that car wreck last time. Just exactly as Im sure his almost totalled car is perfectly fine now. Im sure that it had nothing to do with the fact that I told him that nothing was going to happen between us and I meant it. Arlette's friend from hs, Joey was kind of enough to let us use his place to get ready for the evening. We met up with Ricardo and Mode, and it was a great night. We went to a private party at Planeta, got our strong drinks paid for, went back to Ricardo's to dance and drink champagne.

Sunday: I woke up freezing and with a bitch of a champagne hang over and alone. First stop: Mama Margies, the best mexican fast food ever. Second stop: Austin? No the river again. Yes, we're crazy. The sun teased us though and we still had some vodka and bacardi left over. We filled two big containers with slushee and vodka/bacardi. Apparently this was an attention grabber because everyone was asking us what we were drinking, including the cop who stopped us. Of course we didn't have our IDs since the tube rental place kept them. So he wasted five minutes of our precious time only to be quickly convinced that we were of age. I guess it will pay off to look young eventually. The river really sucked sunday, it was way too cold and raining heavily. We did make our way back to Austin, got ready and headed to 6th. We met some guys who claimed to be soccer players from England and Scotland, Arlette met a hot Australian, and I managed to dirty dance with the hottest guy at the club. Arlette finally convinced me to go up to dance with him but I should have known better considering he was wearing a pink shirt, which for me is a no no. This is my theory: Men who wear pink claim to do so because they are comfortable in their manhood. That has became the stipulation or assumption when a guy is seen in pink. So naturally men who are insecure or have issues wether its with their sexuality or self esteem wear pink to conceal their insecurities. So naturally I don't date men who wear pink, but it doesn't hurt to dance with them.

I slept in and watched a lof of A&E First 48. Im addicted to this show, its so good. It creeps the hell out of me of course since its a reality show that follows murder investigators for the first 48 hours after discovering a body. I secretly like being scared I guess, I don't know.

Cat, Snippy and Mike finally agreed to meet up with Arlette and I dt after me begging for weeks. It was a blast. Snippy finally got drunk in my presence, it was fabulous. There was a really good crowd out on 6th that night and it was apparent that people were ready to party. We all ended up pretty tipsy and I even ended up with a hot girl in my bed that night ;)

4th of July aka Tuesday:

I was at home until about 3:30 when Mely called and offered to pick me up so I could join her and her gang at the lake at Colombian's. Colombian is this guy who I briefly dated who just happened to turn out to be a big player. Colombian is a very sexy guy, its not his looks but his personality, his way with words, his fun nature, and his dancing. At first it was akward for me to be around him but now we both have an unspoken agreement to act like nothing ever happened between us. So Fer, Rafa, Mely and I made the two hour trip to his place, it normally wouldn't take this long but the heavy rains made it nearly impossible to drive. The Colombian's parents house was really nice and we had a really good time playing a drinking game. We finally made it out to the lake for a swim at about 10 at which point we were ditched by Colombian so he could talk to some random girls. I guess observing him being a slut got to me and I ended up telling Mely, Fer, and Rafa about the whole situation. As I was leaving Colombian and I managed to have a little talk and I might have hinted something sexual, apparently my awesome bartending skills got me pretty tipsy. On the way home I managed to drunk dial my love interest and we talked about possibly hanging out after work yesterday.

I managed to get pretty excited about the date yesterday, however for some reason I had the feeling that it might not happen. I was supposed to call him after work but I decided to wait until about 6 or so I didn't seem to eager. Well he called first at 5:20 and said that I was gonna kill him. Bummer. So first my boyfriend Portugal's Ronaldo breaks my heart by losing in the world cup semi-finals last night to France and then Panama manages to break our date. Despite of that I was a pretty good sport and I told him to get better and that I understood. His voice did sound like it was going out and he sounded like he needed some rest. He promised he'd be no fun, I guess he doesn't know just how much fun I can be. I can raise the dead Im so much fun. I wanted to get off the phone but he made sure to ask me how my day was and as we were saying good bye and I was about to hang up he said, "Hey, Un beso." Damn, I wanted one in person. So here is the thing Arlette says that well it sounded like he was being sincere and Im sure you guys will go out and that he's interested, after all he did ask for my number. However, Beau told me that he didn't mean to be harsh but if this guy really was interested he would drink some coffee, take a shower, small nap, or even a line of coke to wake him up. A guy would do that to hang out with a girl he was really interested in, heart break #3 of the day. So here is my question, what's your opinion on that?


CK said...

Holy long blog batman!

Nice recap crazy lady.

And I like your new layout too!

Vincent said...

Emma would you be willing to be dragged out if you weren't feeling well and care about the other person ?

You ask for too much. sigh :)