Friday, June 30, 2006

I owe you one

Internet I must apologize for the shitty blog yesterday. Actually, you know what? I don't apologize. I was freaking sleepy, hungover, and in a bitchy mood. I don't apologize for going to happy hour at 6 p.m. and for drinking all the way until 1 a.m. Yes, I cut myself off. (sign of growing up #2) Someone though was running their mouth saying that I was wasted and pissed. Pissed, yes. Wasted? Hardly. Thanks to the millions of people that stopped by as I was sitting on a stool to ask me if I needed water and what was wrong? Apparently its not normal to refuse shots, not take more drinks, and stop dancing. Now I feel like its my duty to apologize to all of those whom I do this to when they aren't wasted or drinking like me. (sorry Snippy)
However, Im not going to apologize for being pissed that ALL THOSE people were also being nice to Fake Boobs Maggie. How wasted do you have to be to be nice to her and to think its ok to ignore the feelings of Bob? You could blame it on the alcohol, but that's a lame excuse and you won't be able to convince me with that one. Men, gay, straight and bi ( oh yes that very much needs to be emphasized) are robbed of all brain functions when they have big boobs in their face, even more so when those boobs are really slutty boobs. There is no need to go any further right? After all it is friday and I don't care to think about that particular set of boobs.

I do have good news, I broke my streak. Im back, boys beware the monster has been unleashed.

I can't wait to leave work early today :)

First in the line up: Dinner with my family to celebreate my Sister becoming a Gringa. Congrats Pam! I am officially now the only Non-US citizen in my family. Don't worry kiddos Im working on that.

Second: Downtown with my partner in crime, like I said the monster has been unleashed, YAY.

Tomorrow hopefully floating the river, San Antonio for the latin boys, and lots of drinking but we all know that already. I have until Wed to recover from my weekend activities so its going to be bigger, better and crazier than normal this weekend and you have no idea how huge that is. Im going to be the girl your Mom warned you about.


2 Dollar Productions said...

I believe several scientific studies have confirmed that brain cells drop in direct proportion to the size and sluttiness (sp?) of the pair of boobs that are in front of their face.

It's hard to get mad when it's a scientific fact.

Bob said...

Seriously. You are such a good friend for being on my side. Sometimes, yes, you do NEED TO TAKE SIDES. And it should not be Big boobs Maggie's side. Ever.

velvetsaje said...

Just read this post...and i have apologized profusily!!!