Tuesday, October 10, 2006

You know what really sucks?

Other than the fact that you're so bored at work that you write three blogs in one day.

It sucks when one of your really good friends starts dating this guy that you thought was super hot for the longest time.

She starts dating a guy that you've lusted over and even had a few dirty thoughts with, but really no need to go there.

What really sucks about the situation is that your friend had a boyfriend for the longest time, a boyfriend whom she almost married. While she was in this relationship you and her would joke around about how hot the guy she is dating now is and how man you'd really like to do X, X and X with him.

You and her never thought that she'd end up dating the hot guy, I mean she was getting close to making the biggest committment possible. Even after that whole marriage thing doesn't end up working out for her, you don't think anything of it. Well because she just got out of something super serious and well no one starts to date seriously again right after something like that.

Well except her apparently and with your luck luck she starts dating this super hot guy who you wanted to date. What sucks even more is that you can't be mad at her, because well you never called dibs on him, and really calling dibs on someone is super stupid and it should be against the law.

So there you are in this sucky situation because you want to be so mad and jealous that they are dating and you wish you could say something. Only you don't say anything because you end up hanging out with them and they are so super cute together, and you care for them both. You can't help but be genuinely happy for them.

And then to top it all off you pray that it works out for them because if it doesn't she ruined your changes with him, FOREVER. Because no matter how hot he is and how much you still secretely still lust after him, even if they broke up, you could never date him.

So here you are wishing that you could be pissed off because damn it, SHE MESSED IT ALL UP, but then you just smile because damn you love her and you hope for her that he is the one. Because SERIOUSLY, you don't want to get into ALL THAT mess when he's no longer hers.

Because as good of a friend you're being about the current situation, you just might be tempted to throw friendship out the window because, Damn he really is THAT hot*

*I'm kidding, Im a bitch but Im not THAT big of a bitch.

Or am I? *insert evil laughter here*

And you thought church might actually do some good for me, HAH.


CK said...

you and santi need to go out and have a good binge drinking night.

Anonymous said...

I honestly need to score a point during kickball tommorow.