Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The club's newest members

That club would be the, I Get Hot Girls Because Im Filthy Stinking Rich Club. I mean they are in THAT club, they went right past the I
Get Laid Cause I Have A Hot Car Club
. Well mostly because most women are over serving the hot car club right after high school. Not that I would know anything about that. Seriously though, they even topped the, Im a celebrity club. Thanks to google another pair of nerds went straight up to the top of THE CLUB.

See why I find nerds totally hot? Eventually this is the kind of shit their brains leads them to stumble upon. I like shit that eventually brings in a lot of the green shit that buys you a lot more shit (money). Nothing makes a man sexier than lots of green.

All Im saying is that $1.65 billion dollars buys you a lot of pussy*

*Don't get all offended cause I said pussy. Im calling it like it is.

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