Sunday, October 01, 2006

Reason #5065 Why Im going to hell

Im going to attend to church services tomorrow.

No not to repent, to lust over one of the guitar players.

I can't help it, he's got the prettiest blue eyes, he salsa danced with me all night long , he gave me a piggy back ride (and Im a pig, so this is no easy task), he took care of my knee when there was blood gushing out of it, but most of all he made me laugh. Like a lot.

Before you go telling me that Im a horrible person because I have plans of corrupting him, let me tell you he made me laugh, like a lot, because he made a joke about balls.

Not like balls for sports, but balls for sperm storage. The joke wasn't just about any sperm storage balls, it was a joke about sperm storage balls with elephantitis.

And with that he made his way right into my little heart because not only are jokes about balls that store sperm super funny, but they're even funnier when they are about abnormally large sperm storage balls.

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