Thursday, October 19, 2006

My Constant

When I'm lost in the rain,In your eyes I know I'll find the light to light my way.And when I'm scared,And losing ground,When my world is going crazy,You can turn it all around.And when I'm down you're there- pushing me to the top.
You're always there,giving me all you've got.

When I lose the will to win,
I just reach for you and
I can reach the sky again.
I can do anything
'Cause your love is so amazing,
'Cause your love inspires me.
And when I need a friend,
You're always on my side
Giving me faith
taking me through the night
For a shield from the storm,
For a friend, for a love
to keep me safe and warm
I turn to you.

I know we have our differences. I know that I've let you down too many times. I know that I don't deserve all you do and continue to do for me, but that is why you're the light of my life. Your compassion, love, forgiveness and encouragement drive me every day. I promise your prayers will not go unanswered, I promise I will make you proud one day. Im sorry Im not the daughter you deserve but I thank you for loving me despite of all my faults. I can't ever say that there is no one there, because you never leave me. You're my constant, my true friend, my heart.

This post brought to you by Love Thursday.

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