Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Incredible Honduran

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Today was Team Ramrod's last kickball game of the season. The game went something like this:

We might actually win this one.

We are going to win this one.

We are getting our asses kicked.

We are going to lose AGAIN.

Hey omg we totally kicked ass and caught up.

OMG we're going to win!

OMG OMG Emma scored a run making 8-7!

No really, OMG Emma scored a run.

And Emma is running around and jumping like an idiot because OMG She scored a run.

Oh wait but we let them score and now we're tied.

Yeah so we tied our last game 8-8.

But really all that matters is that I SCORED A RUN.

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slopmaster said...

was it halloween night at kickball?

well, I'm glad you scored, since you're not scoring very much lately. Do girls "score" anyway? They're mostly goalies and go for the "saves"

Snippy said...

Why do you run off when you're not drinking? You can not drink and STILL HANG OUT!
These photos are cracking me up. You're too silly.
Good job at the game. You played like a ROCK. STAR. Excellent way to end the season!