Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Kids Church Lesson Plan

Taught by: Me

1) Sinning might send you to hell but it's way more fun than church.

2) Lying is not always bad, little white lies can be very beneficial.

3)Be respectful or your parents, get good grades and don't break the law. The better your parents think you are the more you can get away with.

4) Drinking is not bad, actually being drunk is the MOST. FUN. EVER.

5) Actually drinking is Second MOST.FUN. EVER.

5) Sex is the MOST. FUN. EVER.

6) Being promiscous may get you pregnant or give you a strange discharge, but don't worry that's what condoms are for

7) Stay away from older hot chicks who try to talk to you on myspace, because your parents really are right the end result of that is no fun.

8) The coolest most popular kids sin, you should too.

* This post was once again brought to you by my extreme sarcasm. I taught the kids what I was supposed to teach them. After all it's much more fun to discover the wonderful world of sinning all on your own.

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Anonymous said...

They let you in the church right?!?