Friday, October 13, 2006

Addictive Personality

Apparently the personality that God has blessed me with is Addictive.

I get addicted to everything. This would explain why I go to Sephora and spend $200 at lunch, cause really internet I needed all those beauty products. It also explains why everyone is surprised I haven't had anything to drink in 21 DAYS, but again Im not counting.

So I give up alcohol (but only for a couple of months) and now Im addicted to something else, Altoids Sour Chewing Gum, sour apple flavor to be specific.

Hello yumminess.

Hello one tin in less than a day, hello raw toungue.

Now I can blame my not getting any on having a raw toungue, cause really who wants to make out with someone who's toungue appears to be a playground for the herpes virus?

Damn you sour gum at least alcohol got me laid.


Tbone Stallone said...

I am addicted to hydrocodone, not quite as work-friendly, but just as yummie.

As a child, I ate so many sour patch straws that the roof of my mouth felt like roff shingles. i would eat the blue straws and then pretend to drown in the pool, with my blue lips. My mom loved that.

slopmaster said...

I love making out with girls while they have candy in their mouth.

Being addicted to shopping is dangerous. It might be cheaper to go back to sex.

JOHN said...

Babe, you DON'T need $200 worth of beauty products.