Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Weekend Recap July 14th-16th

Friday 14th:

Drinking started at Baby A's, 5:15 p.m. with the my Crazy Married Friend. I drank 4 potent Baby A's Ritas and I became crazy drunk dialing stalker. So my illness struck again and guess who I called? Panama. Do you remember the blog I teased you with? I know you guys were wondering who I was talking about, well it was Panama. He and I were supposed to hang out Thurs and well he didn't call and I didn't get upset I got extremely pissed off. So I called him in the midst of my drunkeness and told him that I was mad at him, I wasn't just going to let him get off easy. He said he'd call me later, cause we had something to talk about. So he pissed me off even more.

Panama apparently thought I was stupid or too drunk to understand what he wanted to tell me. First of all Im not stupid, and no matter how drunk I was I knew what he wanted to say. I just didn't understand why he didn't want to give me the typical guy speech of how he's not ready for commitment. So he said he'd call me later and of course he didn't. Further adding to my wrath.

Arlette and I went to see Devil Wears Prada, but not before stopping to stock up on alcohol to stuff into our purses so we could kill two birds with one stone and do our pre-downtown drinking during the movie. The movie was awesome, Im sure the alcohol might have helped but I want to see it again. Its very different from the book as far as the details are concerned but other than that, I loved it. The alcohol movie got me in a much better mood and I was ready to have some fun downtown with Arlette, Luis, and Luis' cousin, Lety who was visiting.

We decided to head to Foundation to start of the night and as soon as we get on 4th St guess who is walking our way on the same sidewalk? Panama and Friends! I normally would have been embarrassed but I was so pissed off at him, I walked right past him and didn't even acknowledge him or his friends. So as we are about to walk into Foundation Luis texted and said to meet him at Glass so we went back the way we came and guess who we run into again? Yes, Panama and Friends. So this time we all managed to say hello and talk about where we were going, they were headed to 6th we were headed to Fado. Luis being the fabulous gay man that he is decided however that we should head to Spill to dance our asses off. We didn't make it into spill without of course running into Panama and posse again. This time we decided to ignore each other again and that was fine with me. Spill was awesome, we surely did dance our asses off and made the most of my crazy, drunken friday night.

Sat July 15th:

When I got to Arlette's my car wouldn't start and once it did it would not stop stalling. The same car I just payed $800 to get repaired, I hate that piece of shit. So I ended up sleeping over at Arlette's and the next morning when I woke up I found out I had missed a call from Panama at 3:25 a.m.
wtf? I decided not to call back of course, this time I was seriously done and I had already erased his number from my cell phone, too bad for me I am incredibly good at remembering phone numbers. Panama called at around noon and I almost didn't answer but I figured we might as well have that conversation so we could end things. He was surprisingly extremely nice, and asked me if I was ok. I of course lied and told him I was. He explained to me that at this time in his life he was just wanted to relax, have fun, didn't want committment. blah blah blah
I told him of course that I already knew that, that I wasn't stupid and that he was getting way ahead of himself. I asked him what made him think that me wanting to spend time with him meant that I wanted him to be my bf? I told him that I was extremely picky and not flatter himself and that I was trying to get to know him. We ended the conversation on a really good note and we both agreed to take things slow and get to know each other better because we both liked each other so far, and there was no need to rush. He promised he'd see me at Vicci later that night.

I called my Dad told him about the car and he insisted I hang out at Arlette's until he could get to my car, so Arlette and I headed over to hang out at Luis' apt and even Santi made a cameo. We watched Mommie Dearest,I loved it but not as much as Luis who kept on calling his Dog, Gordito Dearest. I finally convinced Arlette and Luis to let me watch an episode of Freshman Diaries. You see Arlette and Luis were in a reality tv show their freshman year at UT. It was on showtime and it was basically a video diary of their lives as freshman. It was beyond hilarious to see the trouble and drama they created for themselves as I am sure we all did at that age, it was truly priceless. The rest of the afternoon was spent veggin out until my Dad finally called and temporarily fixed my car.

Arlette and I arrived at Vicci, ordered drinks and headed to the patio to check out what was going on outside. Guess who is the first we see in the Patio? Panama.
Panama and a friend were having a drink and talking. I decided to go ahead and say hello and he immediately started flirting. Arlette and I excused ourselves and told him we were going to dance. We ended up dancing for a while until I had to stop cause I was so hot I thought I was going to pass out and I didn't want my hair to get curly. We headed to the patio because it was cooler outside than it was inside, did I just pay $10 to get into that place?

Once we were outside Panama came over and said he was about to come and get us and he ordered both Arlette and I a drink. He was as he is always very affectionate with me, grabbing my waist, hugging me and holding my hand. He asked me if I was dancing with guys, and if I was dancing close and of course I told him yes. Even though I didn't let a single guy touch me. He told me he was jealous and I liked it. The rest of the night was spent with Panama and Arlette and I dancing. There were quite a bit of Panama's friends that stopped by and danced with us, but he didn't leave me alone for a second and he was being very sweet. All of his friends left and he ended up staying with Arlette and I at Vicci until we headed out at 3, he waited for our car with us and we drove him to his car. When he was getting out of the car I got out with him to give him a good night kiss since I had denied him one all night and then of course we somehow agreed it was best if he took me home. He did take me home, and we'll just say it was a good time in the car ;)
(You can save your, "He just wants to get laid sermons." I have this under control)

Sunday July 16th

I woke up very early to go to a memorial mass. I was there to support my Brother and despite of how tired I was from the late night before I got up and went to a Catholic Church for my family.

I spent the rest of the day watching Lifetime movies and cleaning. It was good to just be at home and get some rest. Panama called that evening and he was still very happy from the night before, we're in a good place. He's leaving for NYC on Fri and will be gone until next Wed. Im supposed to call him sometime this week so we can hang out before he leaves, I hope everything goes well cause I enjoy sex spending time with him. I promise you guys though if hanging out doesn't happen, I won't see him ever again. Although I highly doubt that as being possible considering I know run into him everywhere I go.

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