Wednesday, June 21, 2006


So people keep lying to me and tell me that there is someone out there for me and that nice guys REALLY do exist. Liars. Last night I almost didn't make it to beer pong because well as much as that type of game excites others, Im just not that interested. However it was an opportunity to hang out with two guys who were very important to my hs experience and well they are just too much fun. However, most importantly they are "nice" guys. Remember the guy that I talked about on my blog yesterday? The one that college did a lot of good to, the one that I had great conversation with, the one that professed his love for me at the end of the night. Remember him? Well over drinks the other night he told Arlette and I how he had just gotten out of a long relationship and that the reason it happened was because his ex gave him the ultimatum of you marry me or we break up. Stupid girl. So of course he says he broke it off. Luckily it seems that in the past few months I've grown up quite a bit and I can resist guys Im attracted to, I have been able to act cool, not to kiss them right away, and not to jump into things too fast. Thank God for that, its turning out to work out pretty well. I mean I am doing this sober and not so sober, now that ladies and gentlemen is a sign that I am quite possibly becoming an adult. A responsible adult, an adult who can control attraction, hormones, who thinks before she acts. Now where was this a year ago? I really could have used that back then, but I guess this new found maturity is coming from losing the one thing I really want back. That experience as horrible as it was and as much as it haunts me, has made me a better person. Now if only HE could see that. So what I was getting to is that last night when I hung out with this super nice guy, who had just broken up with his gf, I find out the truth. Even though last night he told me he liked me, and it wasn't about sex. It was. The craziest guy in the world (host of beer pong) told me that this guy just needed to get laid. How do I find out that this SUPER nice guy still has this gf?

me: is he on the phone with his ex?
craziest: his soon to be fiance actually
me: what?
craziest: yeah she gave him some crazy ultimatum and he's just too nice, he really needs to get laid

me in my head: So glad I didn't kiss last night
me in my head: BUT this is one of the nicest guys in the world
me in my head: See Emma there are no nice guys left out there
me in my head: He's for sure not getting any from me
me in my head: He's an asshole
me in my head: All guys are assholes

The whole beer pong thing just isn't for me, neither are house parties. Being the only female in the room I knew right away that the two girls that walked in were underage, Im thinking 18-20 or so, no my friends they were 17. I guess I should have figured with the way they shrieked and acted like lesbians. Attention whores are just so not pretty, I mean don't get me wrong Im an attention whore, but a sophisticated one. Hah. So I proceed to tell "nice guy" that damn I hate shrieky girls, and how gross it is that they are 17. Every single guy in that room concludes that,"Hey 17 is legal in TX." So the flirting continues and Im more annoyed. This was a good thing since I didn't want to be hit on by these guys anyway. However I did inform Craziest that well it is illegal to distribute alcohol to minors, at which point he got nervous and the girls did end up leaving. I was tired from my previous night of 3 hrs of sleep and well I fell asleep on the lazy boy, I get woken up at 4 a.m. and "nice guy" is spending the night. Wtf? He was supposed to take me home, you really are a complete asshole. Stupid, naive me still can't believe it. I mean I've known him for 9 years and in my mind he was that one person that just couldn't be any nicer. Im telling you penis = asshole. However, Craziest came through and took me home and here I am at work, having just thrown up, and on two hours of sleep. I know what you're thinking, Emma you weren't so mature last night you played beer pong and threw up at work today. However, let me remind you that I am in the process of maturing. You're also probably thinking, that there are nice guys left because Craziest took you home at 4 a.m.
Well yes he did, but not before hitting on me and then later confessing that he's trying to get this girl he wants to marry to move here but she won't. All I have to say is where the hell is 5 p.m.?

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velvetsaje said...

Man Emma we need to write a book about why we hate me. And another thing, the whole talking to yourself was cracking me up because I was thinking, "this bitch is crazy! She has multiple personalities!!" He he but I still love you though.