Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Message to the guy who rejected me

I get that you're trying to be funny, and get a rise out of me. I personally don't know what you gain from it, and I will never begin to understand that type of childish behavior.

I do not find it appropriate that you joke about Matt or Ben towards me, especially not in front of other people. I have never expressed to anyone that I like Matt and even if I did that is none of your business.

I believe your humor puts others in ridicule and while some may find that funny I do not. So I would appreciate if you would keep my name from coming out of your mouth.

You are nothing more than an acquaintance to me. I do not know you enough to partake in such humor with you. I understand if you're trying to be funny and I'm taking things too seriously, I do not disregard that. However, I do not feel you know me well enough to talk to me like that. Especially not in front of others. I feel very disrespected and while you don't care, I do.

So if you are going to continue this type of behavior towards me I would appreciate you just don't speak to me and especially do not speak of me.



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2 Dollar Productions said...

It's been awhile since I've been around, but I hope whatever situation this was has resolved itself. Good luck.