Tuesday, December 19, 2006

diverted path

I saw a piece of myself in you today. One piece. A miniscule piece. Most would find satisfaction in that. I'm never most, especially not when it comes to you. Seeing me wallow in my inadequacies is how you acquire gratification. I am the source of all your strenght.

Your lies do not betray me. I will go foward in sustaining them. I do this for you, the world revolves around you. I can't have my world stop. What would happen to you then?

You're the worst kind. You almost believe the tall tale which you've written. One by one they will fall and I will be there to hold the blame. I will take on that cowardly face because your frailty is my problem.

It's all mine. So give my little piece back, after all it never belonged there in the first place.

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Tbone Stallone said...

That was great