Friday, October 27, 2006

This is revolting

Im no longer going to do the Love Thursday posts, they make me want to puke.

Im sorry I exposed you guys to that. God damn it I need my fucking alcohol, Im not sweet, Im not nice. I hate rainbows (no not gays, rainbows, I hate rainbows), bunnies, and clowns. I don't throw up peace signs, hug trees, and dream of the world being perfect.

I am self righteous, bitchy, critical, and brutally honest. Im plain fucking evil. Im evil with a little fun. Im a cunt. Im a bitchy cunt.

Normally this weekend Id be participating in Halloween activities, dressing up in a really slutty costume (I love being slutty) but instead Im going to help with the kids carnival at church and then NOTHING.

Im fucking pathetic but Im not going to drink because even though I love being a raging alcoholic I love being a bitchy cunt that is insanely stubborn even more and I will not let anyone prove me wrong. Im not going to drink because I don't want to hear, "I knew you couldn't do it!"

On December 21st Im going to go on a bender, Im going to drink Austin fucking dry, I will pass out, black out and puke all night.

Don't worry about me, I'll be ALRIGHT. I THINK.


Tbone Stallone said...

nice use of 'bitchy cunt'

Emma said...

You know I normally wouldn't use the word cunt, but since Im PMSing, it describes me pretty well.

Tbone Stallone said...

They use it in england, like they breathe air.

I was driving these tarts to the next bar last Saturday night (after my stillbirth of a blind date) and some lunchbox cut me off, so I dropped a mean 'fucking cunt' on him, only to have the car go dead silent (even the radio turned down) and the girl sitting shotgun gasp and tell me that quote: "Men who use the big C, beat their wives."

What the fuck is an appropriate response to that?

I just nodded and said, "you're probably right."