Friday, October 27, 2006

Not for your Mom

Or mine.

This is the comment Bob left on my myspace page:

Blog = on the list.
Mom = can never know.

Yeah Bob my Mom AND Dad can never know about this blog either. I think they'd have a heart attack and then after the get over the initial shock of my perveted, corruped, sinful ways they'd perform an exorcism on me.

Yes internet, sometimes I don't cuss or use the word cunt. This normally happens at church or around my parents, as Bob kindly put it on her blog roll, for mature audiences ONLY.

So in conclusion everyone is welcome to my blog if you don't like the dirtyness, then move along.

You're not my Mom internet, I don't have to censor myself for you.

1 comment:

slopmaster said...

And I'm glad you don't.

I'm looking forward to december 21st. I might go to Austin and look for the drunkest girl I can find and take advantage of her.

It might be you.