Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rain, rain go away

This is what I look like cause of this weather:

No seriously, Im not exaggerating. Im actually being quite generous. In reality Im really not smiling, I would post a real time picture but Im afraid that my hair is too big to fit into the camera frame.

I really should have thought out this whole bangs things a bit more, at this point more than half of them are sticking sraight up. They're like, "Hey there ceiling!"

Frizzy hair, just another reason why I wish I had a penis.


Snippy said...

You're funny. I meant to tell you that yesterday because saying "I'll cut you with my baby" was HILARIOUS. But, then scribbling all over a photo of yourself to make frizzy hair was funny, too, so I couldn't not say anything.

Emma said...

Ok see now I KNOW Im funny. Why? Because well you're pretty damn funny and Im pretty sure now Im all warm and fuzzy inside.