Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Not my idea of fun

Do not EVER EVER EVER say that your life is boring. Cause that clever, little guy up there, Hey there Jesus!

Well you know apparently according to Baby Jesus you shouldn't be bitching about your life being boring when you have SO MUCH work to do. Oh no, do not bitch because that's when you're going to get blindsided by a bunch of work. It will get thrown at you, all at once and it will need to be done RIGHT AWAY. AT THE SAME TIME, because they are all EQUALLY VERY IMPORTANT.

Then you will get bitched at because you're not super woman. (Small secret: I REALLY AM super woman, but I do not utilize my super powers at work, they don't even pay me enough to use my retard powers.)

But apparently a rhough day at work isn't enough punishment for bitching at Baby Jesus.

So then you will finally escape work and have to skip the gym because relatives are coming in and your Mom decides it's spring cleaning all over again. So Mom is spring cleaning and you're in charge of cooking dinner. Yeah, dinner. As in I have to make it from scratch, cause damn it we are not Gringos and we don't eat frozen food.

But because Im SUPER WOMAN as we speak I have mashed potatoes and wild rice pilaf on the stove. A small green salad in the fridge and tadah - A SMALL TURKEY in the oven. (Yeah, I don't know why I'm still single either)

Dear God,
Perhaps you didn't get the memo but my idea of fun isn't work. Especially not when Im swamped with it, and then bitched at. I love to cook but not when it interrupts my work out. So really let's fix this a.s.a.p or I am starting to drink again, TOMORROW.

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Santi said...

Being Booze free actually makes you funnier!