Thursday, October 12, 2006

I just don't know how to quit him

So Im trying to make some changes. Im removing the negative from my life and bringing in the positive. I talked about it in this blog entry.

Here is what I said I was going to kick to the curb:

1) Midland
2) Drinking
3) Sex
4) Dating

No Drinking: Check

I still haven't had anything to drink, 20 DAYS, but really who's counting?

No sex: Check

I have not had sex, the only action I've gotten in forever is from the floor and fondling my boob enhacement cup.

Dating: Check

Dating? What is that?

So as far as my list goes, so far so good, right?


#1 to quit: Midland

Im pretty sure quitting someone would mean no contact with them. Im also pretty sure that talking to them an hour every night on the phone for a week straight counts as contact. I could lie to you and tell you that really the conversations mean nothing, that it's just a part of the quitting him process, but then Id be lying and I would NEVER lie to you internet.

The things we've talked about:

1) Being nice to each other.
2) Letting go of the past.
3) Repairing our friendship.
4) Spending New Year's together.
5) How things will be when we get married.

That's right, when we get married. Not if we get married, when we get married. As in he wants to marry me as in we've talked about rings and me moving closer.

Marriage= not quitting someone FOREVER.

Midland= something I just don't know how to quit.


Tbone Stallone said...

The duality of relationships. Keep him simmering on the backburner, while you get your life straight...or is that what he's doing?

Emma said...

That's exactly what Im doing, keeping it in the old backburner, I have goals that I plan on achieveing and they need to be achieved before I get into anything serious with anyone.

Right now it's just talk and repairing a friendship. I will not be married or a girlfriend to anyone anytime soon, but I do admit I love him.