Monday, October 16, 2006

The game that almost made me crap my pants

I went a little camera crazy at the game on Sat, so I had to pic my favorites to show you guys.

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Yes, I took lots of pictures of the marching band. I admit I love marching bands. Yes, I was a band geek at one point, I marched in the band and I played the flute and NO I didn't stick it in my vagina.

Here is my favorite:

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Isn't burnt orange beautiful?

The games was fun except for the whole first quarter when the horns were playing like shit and when we were losing 10-0 to FREAKING Baylor. That's just not right horns, don't put your fans through that.

Luckily we did end up kicking some major Baylor Bear ass.

I wish I had cool pictures to show of my friend and I at the game but we ended up asking these old guys to take the pictures and they ended up being super big pervs and they took a picture of my ass instead.

When it started to rain they also asked us why we brought super large condoms to the game, puke.

Behold my head in a large condom:

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You know you're really kickin some ass in a game when you stop to take silly self pictures:

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1 comment:

Tbone Stallone said...

Dude, i had to board my plane to in Houston, when the score was 10-0. I was fucking pissed, then i got to LAX, and between the thug life shuttle bus to the terminal somewhere outside BFE, I couldnt get a hold of my drunk ass friends to give me the score.

I finally got the score from a nice Nigerian guy, who let me commendeer his laptop and hit-up ESPN, which btw way suck cock for score updates.

But I guess you cant spell penis with out E-S-P-N.