Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How to make an ass of yourself three times in one day:

When someone at your place of employment asks you for extra badge that you borrowed, reach into your purse and pull out your cup enhancer bra insert instead of the badge.

Because really I mean it would make sense to dig into the deep dark black hole that is your purse and feel your boob enhancer because really the squishy foamy thing feels just like the hard plastic square thing. So yeah it totally makes sense to pull it out.

Most importantly when you show the person at your place of employment that you enhance your boob size you have to say, "Man, I've been looking for this."

No, seriously, I have looked like everywhere for that boob enhancer cup. I've been missing one for months, so my boobs have lacked enhancing. Not good. I should have known it was at the bottom of my purse, I mean think about it it makes sense. Im pretty sure the bottom of my purse was the hidding spot I found when I had to take the cup enhancers out before I let some guy feel me up. Ladies you have to take out boob enhancers out of the bra before you get felt up. You can't have men knowing that we cheat a lot little to get their attention.

It also totally makes sense to carry around cup enhancer bra inserts in your purse for months and months. No, seriously you never know when you will need a little enhancement of the boobs to you know well get something or someone you want. Really it makes sense.

The lack of boob enhancers: The reason I haven't gotten any in months.


Snippy said...

Oooooooooooh! Maybe THAT'S why I can't get laid! I had no idea the boob enhancers were so important. I thought these natural D cups would do the trick. . . are you telling me I'm wrong?

slopmaster said...

You sure do fall a lot. Maybe you dropped your boob enhancers when you fell.

I don't mind boob enhancers. I wear crotch enhancer and it works great.