Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I know the Cowboys suck but that's no reason to kill yourself

And no Im not talking about the poor suffering fans.

Associated Press
Posted: 5 minutes ago

DALLAS (AP) - Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens today left a Dallas hospital amid reports he was treated for a prescription drug overdose — reports that his publicist is strongly denying.

When are the Cowboys going to catch a break and return to their glory days? Poor Boys, they're stuck with this wack job who manages to injure himself the second game of the season, gets prescribed pain pills for his injury, gets addicted to them, and then tries to kill himself with them.

Not that I care about sports or anything.

Not that I like the Cowboys.

Not that I dream of the Glory Days coming back.

Not that I wish that Emmitt would lose Dancing With the Stars so the Cowboys would take him back.

Im just reporting the news.

Custom artwork provided by me, and that's foam coming out of his mouth, you dirty dirty people!


2 Dollar Productions said...

Just another bump in the road along the T.O. circus, but I always thought he was too in love with himself to off himself.

And sure that's foam.

Tbone Stallone said...

Didn't you love it,when the only things that would come out of a Cowboy's season was a Super Bowl Ring and coke induced reckless driving violation and charges of soliciting a Hatian prostitute named Jaju.
Fucked up picture, I think its the eyes more than the white powdery suicide spittle that reams from his mouth. 6 out of 10.