Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dear Fucker Who sent My Link To The Media

(And you know who the fuck Im talking about!)

Fuck you!

As I recall I never invited you to read this blog, so stay the fuck out. If you do decide to come on here and read about the stupid shit I blog about then keep what I say to yourself.

Im not going to apologize for my opinions or what I have said on here about anyone. This is My MOTHERFUCKING BLOG and I will write about whomever and whatever I want to.

Keep your filthy paws off my blog and much better why the fuck don't you get a life? Im sure Mr.Media is your BFF now huh? Hah. Fucking tool (you, not Mr.Media)

You know who else I think is a tool? Your Fucking Mom.

Why don't you just pass this link to her? Fucker.

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