Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thank You 93.3

For my first laugh of the day.

older woman on the phone: Yah I want to give a shout out to my bf in prison
dj: oh really what prison?
older woman: Gatesville
me: omg, this woman is being serious, this radio station is so ghetto
dj: so when does he get out?
older woman: Feb
dj: oh so not too long until he gets out, how long has he been in there?
older woman: 8 years
me: omg this woman is stupid
dj: 8 YEARS, you've waited for him that long?
older woman: well no, actually I met him when he was already in prison
me: omg I totally see this in my future
dj: Well good luck with that, I mean once he gets out Im sure that relationship will work out really well. All relationships like this turn out to be really healthy and long. Good for you.
older woman: Yes, it will, I hope so.
me: This woman really believes this. Wow.

my morning prayer:

Dear God,
I know that Im really bad, I know Im a sinner, I know I've fucked up a lot of relationships. God please don't let me become "older woman."

love you,


velvetsaje said...

atleast you're not the other woman.

*points at himself.

Emma said...

I thought the other woman was Sean