Monday, June 26, 2006

The Tangled Webs That Weave Us

After the Academy Award Performance of Thurs night, I had a heart to heart with this person and it went extremely well. Its nice to know that you mean as much to someone as they mean to you. Now that we're both on the same page, there is a mutual understanding and boundaries have been set. So naturally we picked up right where we left off and headed out to 6th on Friday night. I met up with Steevan whom I hadn't seen in forever, I've known this guy since I was in 7th grade and its always extremely nice to catch up. It had almost been a year since I last saw him and we introduced our new friends to each other. Well actually his two new friends introduced themselves to me.
M: "Hey so you're Emma?"
Me: "Yes, I am, you're M right?
M: "Man, you know everyone in my life."
Me: "Really?"
M: "Yeah, everyone who Im friends with on myspace you're friends with, this girl I dated and you even know my apt complex manager."

a couple of minutes later

P: "So you're Emma."
Me: "Yup."
P: "Im P, man you're famous you know everyone."

Yeah Im a little embarrased, although I promise all the people we know mutually I didn't meet on myspace or anywhere on the internet. Atx is much too small, Santi and I always talk about how social circles never fail to have some sort of connection. For example: First night I met Santi I saw Lori who was one of my best friends in middle school and after she hugged me and said hi, she proceeded to hug Santi whom she had also known for a long time and we all freaked out that wow, this is a small world. Cat introduced me to one of her friends at her wedding and it just so happens that this person went to hs with him. Which brings me to the other part of this whole, "Atx is too small, " conclusion. I saw D that night too and he introduced me to his band mate, the manager of their band is His sister. It doesn't get much more random and crazy than that. I have known D for about 5 years, I met him through Steevan. D and I lived in the same apt complex while attending TX State in San Marcos, but his band mate goes to UT and knows His sister. He and I met a little bit over a year ago and dated on and off for about 7 months or so. He by the way is the love of my life, who I so stupidly lost and screwed things up beyond belief with. He is from Midland but was living in Alice, TX when I met him, he now lives in NM and pretty much hates me. Just so you know though I am absolutely, whole heartedly, crazy, madly in love with this man. So when I told D about the whole ex boyfriend and his manager connection he proceeded to tell me how he stayed at their parent's house in Midland during their tour and how absolutely amazing these people were. They are and that's just another thing I miss about having him.

Sorry I got sidetracked there for a little bit, this happens a lot, and it usually involves something about him.

We made it to Blind Pig Pub, Soho, and Dizzy Rooster. Nothing too exciting happened, but it was good to get my awesome friend and I back to normal.

Saturday was the awaited lake party with Santi. Santi had so graciously invited me to his brother's 30th birthday boat party a few weeks ago and I've been looking forward to it like crazy cause I absolutely <3 the lake and well I couldn't wait to meet the family of this insane character that is Santi. Santi said that they would have beer there but if there was anything that I wanted to drink in particular to just bring it along. Well I did, I B.Y.O.B.ed in style. I literally brought my own bar: tequila, salt, limes, margarita mix, wine, hypnotic and my awesome wine bottle opener. No im not an alcoholic, I just come prepared for spending time with Santi. It's not so much that he drives me to drink, but more like that boy is such a lush I was sure he could float the whole keg by himself. (I love you whorebagslutface) First went the bottle of wine because we couldn't wait for the boat to leave the dock to drink, it was too hot and well why drink water when you have alcohol available? Then came tequila shots with Aaron then margaritas, then more margaritas. After we docked off I stuffed my face with food and jumped in the water with a life jacket, I am super paranoid about party boats. The paranoia soon became non existent after my 3rd margarita and I went off the slide not one but three or four times. I did it of course making sure that someone was below me right next to the spot where I was landing ready to hand me a life jacket right away. I was having so much fun I convinced random girls to slide off with me, and life was great. Santi's family is awesome they had great food, beer, a party boat but mostly because when our driver was saying that , "Everyone better behave, not drink too much, or get out of control," his whole family including his Dad pointed to Santi and along with me said, "Yeah Santi!"
The party ended to quickly :(
However, who's up for renting a party boat before the summer is over?

Arlette, Luis and I met Pam (my gorgeous, way fun, amazing dancer, married sister) at Vicci. I don't know if it was my hot Corset top or maybe the sun I had gotten that day but from the moment I was standing in line to the moment I left I had boys wanting to dance with me. At one point I had two of them arguing over who I was going to dance with. Of course the bolder and Honduran one won (speaking of it being a small world, this guy happened to be from one of the poorest/worst neighborhoods in Honduras, called Tepiaca. My Grandma always says that her grandaughters need to get away from Honduras so they don't end up marrying an , "Indio from Tepiaca." Pam and I were cracking up because I didn't have to go all the way to Honduras to find me one, Grandma would be proud). He didn't leave me alone pretty much the whole night and when he did some other guy was right there. It was a boost to my ego and I have now made a note to wear that top out more often because I've only worn it once since I bought it in Dec. and obviously that was a mistake. We danced at Vicci until about 3 a.m.

We saw one of Pam's co-workers outside of Vicci, he happens to be extremely hot, Columbian and super nice. So of course Luis being the awesomely hot, gay, funny guy that he is says:
"There must be something wrong with him."
Arlette and I: "Why?"
Luis: "Well, he's single. "
Arlette and I: "So, that doesn't mean anything. "
Luis: "Trust me he either has a small penis or dingleberries."
Me: (cracking up in uncontrollable laughter) "You're so bad."
Arlette: (confused) What's a dingleberry?
Me: "Omg, its so gross." "This guy I used to date gave me that as a pet name, that's the only reason I know what it is."
Luis: "Gross."

Of course Luis did a good, graphic job of explaining dingleberries to Arlette and I didn't stop laughing the whole time.

Pam and I made a run to Taco C and I swear that is the LONGEST I have waited for food EVER in my life. The night turned out to be a very late one because my brother in law needed to be rescued from a bachelor party at the Omni. Needless to say I spent all of sunday napping and watching tv. The weekend couldn't have gone any better, Im so ready for friday.

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Blind Pig & Dizzy Rooster are usually pretty good, and so is Taco C but I swear those bastards take an extra long time during the wee hours of the morning to laugh and taunt the people straggling home from the bars.