Friday, June 23, 2006

Can't get Midland off My Mind

Because when he's holding you,Know that it's killing me, Let my memory be the reason girl That you can't sleepAnd everytime you feel his touch,I pray to God it's not enough And that I've touched your heart so deep Girl, you can't shake me Cause I love you,Yes I need you,Miss me baby. Everytime you hear this song,Miss me baby...
-Chris Cagle, Miss Me Baby

Its a long story, one that Im sure if you get to know me you will hear. My heart is out west, and honestly I don't think I'll ever get it back. I hope that when he holds someone else he realizes how much its killing me, and I want my memory to be the reason he can't sleep, and everytime he feels her touch I pray to God its not enough and I hope I touched his heart so deep that he can't shake me. I love him, I need him, I want him to miss me. Everytime he hears this song I want him to think of me. I know that I don't need this song to feel, want, and hope those very things. I already do, every minute of every day.

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