Friday, May 26, 2006

It's the freakin' weekend Baby Im gonna have me some fun

Yeah I just quoted an R. Kelly song. As always it seemed that friday was never going to get here, but ladies and gentlemen Friday's don't dissapoint and IT HAS ARRIVED. We're having Macarroni Grill for lunch at work and I have to leave here to go pick it up soon, joy. Im totally sunburned from my Schlitterbahn trip from wednesday, ouchy. It hasn't started peeling yet, and I hope it doesn't at all. Im wearing a strapless dress to Cat's wedding on sunday and my huge bikini strap lines are going to look oh so awesome. So the plan for the weekend is, party, party, party. First happy hour today after work at the Omni and whatever that might bring with it. Hanging out with Cat, Santi & Co. you just never know what might happen. It sucks that I don't like the outfit Im wearing, I thought it would look cute, but not so much. Hopefully Im only stuck with it half the night, if not Im sure beer goggles work when you look at yourself in the mirror right? Yay Friday! All Im saying this weekend better be good to me, it's going to be nice to sleep in on monday. I hope to come back to you tomorrow and have some interesting stories. Happy Friday All!

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velvetsaje said...

Where is your version of this past weekend?!