Monday, December 04, 2006

Return of the dumbass who rejected me

In strolls dumbass who rejected me with a shirt that reads Your Mom is on my Top 8.

Me: Nice shirt.
Him: No, seriously I wish your Mom had a myspace, she'd be on my top 8 for sure. Wow, your Mom is seriously so hot.
Me: Attempts to kick him in the balls.
Him: Blocks me.

Seriously though, wtf?

On another note the Dude really is gay, he came back into town with highlights in his hair. Who does that? Seriously.


velvetsaje said...

I think you should introduce him to Sean Little. Sean always finds these things out. To bad I have a boyfriend or else I'd do it for ya.

2 Dollar Productions said...

Highlights went out a few years ago - you should tell him that he missed that memo and aim better next time (although that shirt is vaguely funny).

slopmaster said...

I know a girl who's mom is on myspace, and she's cute. I should do her.