Thursday, October 05, 2006

I went all TLC on my blog

I did a little remodeling.

I thought I should do a small tribute to my promise (to myself) to remain sober until Dentist comes to sweep me off my feet. This is going to be in mid December. Don't worry this does not mean that my blog will be boring.

I still like men, boobs, drinking, being slutty, cussing, scandal, and just being plain stupid. The stories will not change the only thing that will change is that I can no longer blame anything on alcohol.

It should be interesting. No really, no alochol needed for fun here.

I am wasted in every single one of the pictures in my new collage. Those pictures were good times, nothing, I repeat NOTHING will change. The new sober pictures will be way more interesting than the drunk ones. You can take alcohol away from the girl, but you can't take drunk behaviour out of the girl.

Also, Im pretty sure now that I will be sober I'll manage to not lose my camera, and well not losing your camera full of fun pictures is a big part of being able to post fun pictures.


Tbone Stallone said...

I'll bet the under on this liver revolution not lasting through the weekend.
Good luck

Snippy said...

Do you not have to actually WORK at your job? Where do you find time for all of this?

I also bet you'll lose the non-drinking challenge. I vote you'll lose TONIGHT.

Emma said...

It's called my boss is out of town and I have completed all projects given to me and and and I will not lose tonight.