Thursday, September 14, 2006

Why I Never Want My Parents To Find This Blog

Top 3 things I write about:


It's just the way my brain is wired. I have random thoughts floating around all the time. One minute I will be thinking, "I wonder if I'll see Jake Gyllenhall this weekend."

The next Im thinking, "Man that's one big head."

See? Random. Nothing important, nothing meaningful. Just random.


I know some of you might worry that I am an alcoholic. However like my friend Beau says, "Im not an alcoholic. I don't go to meetings."

Well last time I checked internet I've never been to an AA meeting. Im not going to lie and deny that Im a lush, that I pass out on occasion or even that I black out at times. Internet, I do admit to all those things BUT Im only a lush on the weekends. Of if there is an open bar on a weekday, or if there is kickball to be played, or live music to enjoy, or if Im bored.

The thing is I must blog about my drunkeness because some crazy, funny stuff happens when I hang out with Mr.Patron and well also if I stopped posting about drunkeness then the posts will be reduced to once a month or something like that.


Im a bitch. Things piss me off easily. I think lots of things suck and I must inform you of that internet. These posts are also posted withing the categories: bitching and inappropriate.

Things I least write about:


I should write more about boobs cause man I love me some boobs, or as Bob, Santi and I like to call them NOOBS. Not that Id know or anything, but I heard Boobs are magically delicious.

Clean Fun:
Only three appereances since May when I started this blog. I mean honestly how much fun is stuff when it's clean? Don't lie, you know fun usually involves alcohol, sex, balls, boobs, cussing etc.

Clean fun is possible but it's never as fun as dirty fun. NEVER.

Operation: Hotness

Well I don't write much about this cause it's depressing. It hasn't been going so well until this week. Plus, Id rather drunk then work out, SO THERE. Sue me.

Yeah this is one dirty, scandalous blog.

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